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Still Life with Zebra

Aah, life sometimes presents us with art. My camera was on, and sitting on the kitchen table. This was the view.

I pushed the button while it was still sitting in that spot. Love the result!

I love inadvertent art moments. And I do love this goofy stuffed zebra bean bag.

May you find a glimpse of beauty in your ordinary day.

7 Responses to “Still Life with Zebra”

  1. Ottergal Says:

    I like the trolls on the windowsill, too :-}

  2. mk Says:

    Lynn – thank you for demonstrating how to add a little joy in our daily lives.  :)

  3. mk Says:

    Lynn – thank you for demonstrating how to add a little joy in our daily lives.  :)

  4. Susan Gallacher-Turner Says:

    Yes, the Zebra is adorable but what really caught my eye were the Troll dolls on the window sill.  Boy, do they bring back many memories of stitching up little costumes and hats for them.  Love it!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    My maiden name is “Troldahl” (pronounced Troll Doll) so we have a lot of these fun dolls around our homes, all of us. When Mom retired, the kids at her school (she taught 1st grade) brought all their Trolls to school that day.

    I have one with real wool hair and glass eyes, from the 60s. Actually, one glass eye… and only part of the hair it once had. When I was sick one day, I gave it a haircut and wash (ended up with an afro when the wool curled up). Mom was not pleased.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Aww, thanks! Have you ever seen the post where I shared a photo of the colorful dishes in my dishwasher? It’s here:
    Color is Everywhere

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm, Mrs. Troldahl, why am I not surprised?