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Lansing’s Turner-Dodge Bubbler

Friend Cynthia and I walked together last week, not long aftee I posted about Portland, Oregon’s “Benson Bubbler” water fountains. When we passed by the Turner-Dodge House, I spied this water fountain.

I’ve seen this many, many times before. This time, it had more meaning. The Turner-Dodge mansion dates back to the 1800’s, very old for this part of the country. I don’t know the age of the fountain, though.

At this point you can see there is a chrome push button to activate the water flow. Surely at one time it had a brass handle or knob of the sort which would be turned to activate. Other than that, it seems in great condition, perhaps original?

The mansion was a school when I was a child. It has gone through much renovation. Who knows if this was even originally on this property… but it sure is a delight, don’t you agree?

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  1. Harpnut Says:

    Have to agree it is lovely

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