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Creative Pizzas: Coming Soon

It has been busy here at Casa de ColorJoy! I’m working on 3 different knitting projects, planning for a new cookbook (hopefully out in November… breads and crackers, and pizza dough), and doing some public speaking on food restrictions.

Pizza as an Artful Expression

I’ve had a post half-written for most of a week, on pizzas. Not just any pizza which is delivered to your door. Pizza that you can make at home. You can make it, even if you can’t have wheat or yeast or gluten or xanthan gum! Pizza with all sorts of flavors, sauces, toppings.

We have been making pizzas with the standard Italian-style tomato sauce, of course. But I have been experimenting with other sauces and flavors. I’ve used green salsa (tomatillo based), some Indian eggplant (leftover baigan burtha), and best of all, black olive paste (sometimes called tapenade).

I’ve been topping the pizzas with as many fresh veggies as possible. Harvest season is great!

Tonight I even sliced up some cauliflower very thin and put it on the olive-paste pizza with fresh garden tomatoes (thanks to my gardening/knitting friend, Rita B.). Superb.

Other nights, I’ve used leftover greens from the night before. Also excellent.

I’ve got a great crust recipe I’ve tested now for a good year and served to company with great reviews (and a request for the recipe). I’ve got photographs on how to make it. I’ve got half of that post written.

Meanwhile, life is getting complicated. Saturday is double-whammy busy in the food realm.

Do You have Questions about Limited-Ingredient Baking?

I’m spending a lot of my professional time lately in the food-limitations realm (vegan, gluten free and food sensitivities). I answer a LOT of questions and sell my holiday dessert cookbook to those who are interested. It’s great fun to share what I’ve learned over the years.

I’ll have a table at the Gluten-Free Fair in Lansing, Michigan –

Location: South Church of the Nazarene, 401 W. Holmes Rd., Lansing, MI
Saturday, October 8, 2011
10 am – 2 pm

and then in the late afternoon I’ll have

Samples at Foods for Living grocery

2655 E. Grand River Ave.
East Lansing (at the end of Park Lake Road)
Saturday, October 8, 2011
3:30 to 5:30 pm
517/ 324-9010
(This is for Gluten-Free month, there will be other special things happening at the store all day.)

I will have copies of my cookbook with me for folks to check out. Sales are cash or check only (directly to me/ColorJoy) at both locations. Those printed copies are priced at $11 each. For those who prefer a PDF version or are out of town, I also sell the cookbook on my website Here.

You can imagine, I’ll be baking all day Friday to prepare. I’ll do what I can to get that Pizza post out as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, remember that art is everywhere. Creativity is in you, and just recognizing it in your life can make things more lovely each day.

Art as an Everyday Attitude

Notice the colors in the trees. Notice the sound of a toddler giggling (if parenting a giggling toddler isn’t an artform, I don’t know what is).

Enjoy the flavor, the scent, the texture of a well-prepared meal or a great cup of tea. Notice the colors you’ve chosen in your home or closet, and how they look next to one another.

…and I’ll be back with that pizza dough recipe. Really.

2 Responses to “Creative Pizzas: Coming Soon”

  1. CyndyC Says:

    Nothing like homemade pizza. My brother in law makes a delicious pizza with caramelized onions, fresh rosemary, extremely thin sliced russet potato and provolone cheese. This would work for the gluten free with an appropriate crust. At any rate, the caramelizes onions are very tasty.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Caramelized onions make almost anything taste wonderful. I think that sounds like a great base for a pizza. We keep thinking of new things to put on it. Maybe a pumpkin curry? The right texture, if I can get the right spices into it. The sky is truly the limit.

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