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Gluten-Free Flours and Substitutes

I am developing recipes right now for an anticipated breads / crackers / energy bars / pizza dough cookbook. I hope it will be out in mid-November.

The creative part of the process is my strong point. I’m playing around with different flours, seeds, and combinations of them all. Just changing the proportions of, say buckwheat to rice flours, makes a totally different cracker. I find this fascinating!

While I was surfing the internet to get more information on seeds (particularly chia seeds), I found this excellent page at the Colorado State University Extension Service (click link below):

Gluten-Free Baking

Even if you are following recipes created by others, it is a very informative document (5 pages if you print it as a PDF, which is offered by them as an option). I know a lot at this point, and there was plenty of new information for me. The document is dated 2009, but gluten free is a subject which is not hurt by a delay in reading.

I love that it includes more than just gluten-free grains. It talks about bean flours, flax seed and chia seed, tapioca starch (from a root), and even nut flours… which I can’t eat but which are tasty for those who can enjoy them.

Now I’m off to experiment one more time with cracker recipes. Even the not-so-great ones are great with a little pumpkin butter on them. Win-win.

Last night, Brian and I had my pumpkin soup for dinner, with some experimental crackers. I first published the recipe in December 2002, here on the blog. It continues to get a lot of positive comment. Maybe you’d like to try it? Go ahead, click and get the free recipe!

LynnH’s Easy Pumpkin Soup

I haven’t forgotten that I’ve promised you a pizza dough recipe. I’ve got a tester trying it out for me and then I’ll get that one up here.

Until then; happy, healthy, creative eating to you!

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