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Discouragement Doesn’t Pay

I’ve been in that place where I know my life is changing. Now, we know that the one constant in life is change, but here I sit, surprised again.

I’ve been self-employed since early 1999. My work started as a Y2K consulting business. It has morphed until now I teach computers one night a week in community education, and spend the rest of my worklife in creative pursuits.

My primary work is knitting-related; teaching, writing, designing. I also sing with my beloved Brian, and write recipes/cookbooks; make presentations about baking with food restrictions.


With that many balls in the air, why am I surprised by change? The only constant is me, and my creative inner self. The world around me is constantly changing and outside of my control.

Everything I do, I love to do. It’s just when the percentages of my work shift between areas of focus, I get a little off balance for a while. Even we artists are creatures of habit in some ways!

I was glad to read this quote today:

One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged.
Lucille Ball

What a fine woman she was, what a change she made for the women who followed her. If she could continue in spite of the temptation of discouragement, I will follow her footsteps.

I think transitions are hard. I focus well once I get going. Stopping that focus to go on to another is rough at times.

I have trouble just leaving my desk to go out to an appointment. Of course a change in the percentages of my work areas will also throw me off for a while. Maybe “challenging” is a better word to use than others.

The Good Stuff

We had beautiful sun and temperatures above freezing today. My walk was extra wonderful tonight. I walked briskly and it was invigorating.

I’ve also been knitting “like the wind” as Brenda Dayne of the Cast-On Podcast would say. I made a Sprite collar/cowl for myself in two colors of purple.

I ran out of yarn just before I needed yarn for i-cord edgings. Luckily, I found another yarn in my stash that worked fine for the edging. I think you can’t even tell I had to change gears at the end.

I finished a chunky-weight tweed vest, and a pair of unmatched bulky footie-slippers for myself. I’ve also knit a pile of tiny socklets which have been a hit at two different local sales (they will go up on Etsy as jewelry soon, I’ll let you know when).

Plans for More

Now I’ve pulled out two old projects to complete them.  A Maxi ZigBag I’m making for myself has been ripped out twice in a few years of on/off knitting, but it’s back on track. I did 6 rounds on that one today.

Also, I’m getting ready to work on my Equilateral Vest by Lucy Neatby again. I haven’t worked on it for 2 years! My gauge got so tight between casting on and finishing the project, that it’s the wrong length. I need to improvise a bit.

Luckily, it’s modular (made in pieces) and can be pieced together with more knitting and it won’t look funny at all. Unluckily, I’ll need to find some more yarn (it’s discontinued). I’m not going to worry about that one right now, but I do have a plan.

I hope all is well for you and yours. Be kind to yourself in this season of busy-ness.

One Response to “Discouragement Doesn’t Pay”

  1. Troldahl Says:

    I love how the collar/cowl looks. I bet it is fun to wear when the cold wind blows.