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Abundance. Colors. Hats.

Bonnie's Keys & Coins Hats

Being a knit designer is a little like being a radio Disc Jockey. You spend time and heart making a design. You put your work out there. You hope that your design gets to the folks who might love it.

Many of my patterns are printed and sold to yarn shops. I don’t know who purchases the patterns at the shops.

I know that knitters buy patterns sometimes when they won’t be knitting it any time soon. Sometimes we buy because we dream of knitting it. Sometimes we buy because we want to “vote” for a design which moves us.

Sometimes you hear from someone on the other end… they knit the piece you designed, or they received something knit from the pattern. Sometimes you don’t hear. (Ravelry.com has made this a little more real, for which I am grateful.

Recently, I got word loud and clear. We went to a holiday party, and the hostess brought out a nice big pile of hats. Eight, to be exact. All of them were knit from my Keys & Coins Andean-Style Hat pattern (without the optional ear flaps). The crowd briefly stepped aside so that I could take this photo.

The color variety she includes, I find wonderful! However, above all… what a gift this was to me. My friend likes the hat so much that she got on a little roll knitting it for her loved ones. I’m touched, honored, and moved.

Pretty, don’t you think? Thanks, Bonnie, for sharing your prolific and artful output with me… if only for a moment. It’s much appreciated.


3 Responses to “Abundance. Colors. Hats.”

  1. Irene Says:

    Well, Lynn, Happy Boxing Day!  It really is a holiday here in Canada, or at least it’s serious frivolity here on Vancouver Island! 

    What a BEAUtiful array of hats from your pattern.  I am so impressed.  That represents a lot of time (to me, slow as I am) and I can imagine Bonnie knitting them at dances and folk music concerts and anywhere that she is that she can knit!  I do love that so many of us folkies are knitting (again) – it says a great deal about the joy of making useful items by hand and passing on that warm love to others.

    Here’s to a very Happy New Year! 

    X  O          Irene

  2. LynnH Says:

    Irene, I remember in the 70s going to Toronto after Christmas for a long weekend vacation… and nothing was open. We could eat at a hotel, mostly. I think there were exceptions for family-owned places with a very few employees. It was rather disappointing.

    The next day made up for it, though. The sales were so fun, and Canada had things one could not get here in the US. I bought my first pair of earmuffs there, in electric pink. On another trip I got my first pair of stirrup pants. Toronto always excited my artful eye.

    I hope you had a lot of frivolity. I worked at home in my jammies.

  3. Otterwise Says:

    ohhhh!!! Beautiful :-}
    I think I might join her in her knitting fun, I am ready for a small fun project myself!