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Still Happy

crocheted bikini topI’m still in love with summer. It is cooler today, in the 80’s F instead of 90’s, a welcome rest for the slowed-down-by-heat body. Flowers are still busting out everywhere. We took a walk tonight for a few miles and the gardens were magnificent.

My fruit cap class cancelled today but I decided to go calling on a few of my yarn shops, the ones where I was scheduled to be this weekend anyway. FIrst I visited Linda at Little Red Schoolhouse. I got there at just the right time. She had time to talk a while.

We sat on the couch and knit, and looked at knitting magazines, talked patterns, talked yarn, plotted for dream projects yet to be. It was relaxing and enjoyable. Too bad now I have plans for more things to make than I’ve got time to make them in! Here I am in the heat, talking both cotton (who, me?) and alpaca. Alpaca! That’s definitely winter stuff.

Then I found myself driving home past Threadbear maybe 10 minutes before they closed. I decided I had to show Rob the socks (pair #118) I finally finished last night… from the yarn he gave me in January. We all agreed that they are perfect, at least perfect for me. I was going to share a photo of them with you tonight, but after I spent the time to airbrush out the background, PhotoShop crashed without allowing me to save. That needs to wait another day, I’m afraid.

I had a nice time talking to the boyz at Threadbear. I rarely get to talk to them without a horde of other knitters also there… good distractions, to be sure… but it was great to have a little while just three of us talking.

Then I went home. And I dyed some yarn. This time I get to keep some (lucky me), but most will be up for sale. Looking at what I’ve done and the time I have to complete web pages so you can see the newest colors, I bet I’ll have yarn for sale Tuesday night late or Wednesday. That is my best guess at this time.

The most curious of you lucked out… I didn’t lose the photo of the crocheted bikini top in the PhotoShop crash. I’m sparing you a photo of me modeling the thing, but here’s proof I did the job. The next one will be WAY different, but this one does fit, in a technical sense. Not in an aesthetic sense, but I’ve got time to try a few more. Crochet is so dratted quick! (The next one will be knit, or so I’m planning, but this crochet one took an amazingly small amount of time to do the bulk of the work. OK, it was fewer stitches than a sock, by a long shot, and that helped as well.)

This top was inspired by a bikini top in Family Circle Easy Knitting Spring/Summer 2004, but only the basic shape came from them. Theirs called for 2 layers of scallops and ruffles. Later! Ugh. No lace for me!

The FCEK instructions for straps made no sense at all… I had to make up something that would work. I mostly used slip stitch with a little single crochet to edge, make straps, and connect the parts. I couldn’t do it again if I tried, so please don’t write me asking for “the pattern,” OK? I’m pretty darned new at crochet, but it’s a really good technique for making things up as you go. I enjoyed that part. I didn’t have to stop when the pattern instructed me to do something I did not want (lace), I just turned it into something I could like.

The good news? The hot weather is a perfect excuse to wear this around the house. It’s nice to be able to wear something new, as soon as it is finished.

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