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Toss-It Tuesdays. Join me?

I am not one for resolutions. However, I’ve found that stating action plans out loud and sharing them helps me achieve those plans.

I find that this time of year I stay in a lot, and I tend to notice things that are in my way. It’s easier to let go of things when I feel overpowered by too much stuff every day. In the summer, I’m on the porch or out in the world. In winter, I might as well free up my clutter. Right?

Peers for Tossing?

Are you feeling the same need? To just let go of a few things? Some days I will literally only toss a ballpoint pen which doesn’t write anymore. Other days I get out a box from the attic or basement and go through it, tossing most of the contents and saving the precious items which were buried within.

This has little to do with my normal ColorJoy topics… it’s not knitting or singing or dancing or even baking. However, if artful living includes many expressions, why not call refining our living spaces an artful endeavor as well?

In order to help my own focus, I’m inviting you to join me. I’m going to put together a group correspondence process (probably an email list where we can send each other messages of our progress, or asking for support).

What’s the Plan?

My plan right now is to focus every Tuesday through the end of April, tossing at least one thing out of my living space. I’d appreciate some companionship in this goal.

For the record, tossing does not require filling a landfill. If I have clothing I know Anna will want, I’ll give it to her. If I have other things charity can use, I can share that way.

However, I know that sometimes the hardest part of letting go is getting something out of the house once it’s designated for exit. I can’t decide that I should divide things between 4 charities. I’ll choose one and all the charity stuff will need to go to that one place. And yes: some things will, indeed, be trashed.

Come on in, the Water’s Fine!

Will you join me? Please pop in and comment (you can be a guest, but do enter your email address please). I’ll set something up and we can have 4 months of Toss-it Tuesdays. OK?

(Image: A block print I did many years ago, using erasers as soft print blocks.)

12 Responses to “Toss-It Tuesdays. Join me?”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    I’m in! We’ve been remodeling and moving stuff. It will get harder as I get to the bottom of the pile.

  2. Kris Says:


    I’ll join you on this journey!  One of my tasks for today was to go through a closet of stored winter clothing to decide what stays and what can be donated to a charity organization that called and will be picking up items in our neighborhood this Friday.  In an effort to procrastinate I decided to sit down and read blogs; I found this post :-)  Now I am off to greet what waits for me, and some others to whom I will donate, in said closet.  Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!


  3. Mary Kay/mk Says:

    I am in!

  4. Mom Says:

    I am in. Our winter home in this park has a big sale in January. I am culling my clothes. The ones that make me look P G, the ones that the elastic has stretched, the ones I never wear, and so it goes.

  5. Sarabyron Says:

    This sounds like a great plan.  I know what I need to do, it’s just doing it that’s hard.  Like eating an elephant one bite at a time.  So, I’m in!

  6. Otterwise Says:

    You can count on me. Our living space is chock full of potentially artful chucking. :-} 

  7. Otterwise Says:

    You can count on me. Our living space is chock full of potentially artful chucking. :-} 

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I always do “winter cleaning” as opposed to “spring cleaning”–something about the clutter (albeit heart-warming and lovely) of the holidays makes me ache for simple, clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Count me in, if it’s not too late.

  9. kathy b Says:

    THis is a great idea. I’ll use your blog to remind me to toss on tuesdays.  

  10. JaM Says:

    I’m in, too. I like your idea of Toss-it Tuesdays. My Tuesday will be your Monday, as I’m still in your future… hope you don’t mind?  It’s perfect for me as I can make a pile for me or my husband to cart to town on Wednesday which will be your Tuesday…. makes tossing sound complicated, doesn’t it! Thanks for the encouragement to get started. 

  11. LynnH Says:

    I’m not setting rules about how to do this. If your Monday is our Tuesday, fine. Your summer is our winter, too!

  12. Priscilla Says:

    I like this idea, which I’ve just discovered.  Late to the party, as always. But I dunno if just through April is long enough. :)

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