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Create Now, Imperfectly

I enjoy reading Michael Nobbs’ blog, Sustainably Creative. Michael is in Wales. We both love tea and both call ourselves artists. We both share the opinion that there is more art and creativity in many people than they are able to acknowledge.

His fabulous low-key drawings of ordinary objects like teapots cheer me.  He also does mini-podcasts (just a few minutes) on weekdays, which I enjoy.

Michael posted a link today to an archived blog post which I love. It’s called Don’t wait for permission to create.

He writes:

Don’t wait for someone to tell you you’re creative so that you have permission to explore your creative side. Just do something creative.

Creativity, of course, does not merely include putting marks on paper or canvas. Creativity can be so many things… including singing aloud, poorly, in a car (his example, my words). Or try putting a new herb or spice in your food… dill on eggs, basil in potatoes, ginger in oatmeal. A change like that is definitely a small but creative act.

I highly recommend the column. Go ahead, click and read. I think you’ll be inspired.

(No, Michael had no idea I would write this post. I get no benefit from it other than the joy of sharing what a like-minded soul has written.)

2 Responses to “Create Now, Imperfectly”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I ALWAYS put dill on my deviled eggs. No one else I know does. But my eggs get rave reviews.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Barbara, I love dill in almist anything. Must try it in deviled eggs! Dill is my first go-to herb, Basil is Brian’s. I’m learning more all the time.

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