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Toss-It Tuesdays

I keep thinking of Dr. Suess’ “Oh, the places you’ll go!” I’ve had a bit of a technological adventure recently.

The Theme

A week ago I invited you to join me in four months of Toss-It Tuesdays. There are no rules, just a theme. There is no leader or teacher, just folks who work better with peers to cheer us.

Toss one pen or three boxes of old clothes or holiday decorations. Give to charity, recycle, give to a neighbor or toss in the trash.

If it had rules, it would limit our freedom to do the letting go. Letting go is the hard part.

(Photo is from April 2009, single, unmatched commercial socks I tossed. Oh, the pain!)

The Connection Challenge

I made the assumption that I could send private notes to those of you who said “I’m in!” in the comments. Unfortunately, since I changed my comment system to Disqus rather than the built in system for my blog, I no longer can see the email address you enter in. Disqus has it, but I don’t. Phooey.

While I’m looking into how to remove Disqus from my blog (without losing your precious comments), I came up with what I hope will work.

The Discussion Forum

I’ve set up a new web page/forum on a website called Ning. At this place we can start conversations, comment on other folks’ topics, add photos or videos. They offer fancy features, but I’ve tried to keep our forum really simple and low key.

I either need to add you to the system manually (which I’d do if I had your email address), or you can click an invitation link and set up an account for Ning.

Of course, signing on with Ning is not required to follow the idea itself. My plan is to touch base here on this blog once a week for everyone, even those not wanting one more place to visit online. You can follow along just by popping in here.

The Benefit of Community

But then again, wouldn’t it be great to chat with each other about what we’ve done, what we planned but did not do, what we hope to tackle before the end of April? If you think it would be good for you, please join me by signing up. The invitation link is here:


The Artfulness

Making choices about how we will live is a creative act, or series of acts. Let’s see how much unneeded/ unwanted stuff we can let go of together, before spring hits!

7 Responses to “Toss-It Tuesdays”

  1. kathy b Says:

    Oh I am sooo glad you reminded me.  TOmorrow is toss it tuesday…..the possibilities are endless around here!

  2. Mom Says:

    At Ladies Coffee, they asked for old Christmas cards that can be recycled by children. I am taking over a stack. It is just the cover that is wanted. I had saved them for post cards, but do not send that many. I will find out tomorrow where they go and share this with you.

  3. Otterwise Says:

    Is there a simple link to the discussion page on Ning?
    I don’t quite know how to get there from here.

  4. kathy b Says:

    Okay I am off to toss now….

  5. kathy b Says:

    I tossed out a holiday gold stocking with a stain on it…does this count? I think it must.  It is a start

  6. Mom Says:

    To recycle Christmas and birthday cards, save just the fronts. Do not recycle Hallmark, Disney or American as there is a trademark problem. Using the USPS flat rate box is the cheapest way to send them to:
    St. Jude’s Ranch for Children
    Recycled Card Program
    100 St. Jude’s Street
    Boulder City, NV 89005

  7. Charlotte Says:

    I am happy to report that I took four boxes to the Goodwill drop-off point on Thursday.  I love your Toss-It Tuesday idea!  A thought: I just bought four items of clothing on clearance, which probably means I’ve got to get rid of four items of clothing I already have.  Okay, okay, I’ll do it….

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