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Toss-it Tuesday

It’s Toss-it Tuesday again! Did it catch you off guard, too?

Last week Wednesday was my first tossing day. I did spend a little time most days last week going through piles of old magazines. About 3 dozen landed in recycling, though I kept some others.

Last Week Took More than Tuesday
Wednesday I found a copy-paper box with 6 glass 2-quart canning jars in it. I got them thinking I’d use them for my dyeing studio but never needed them.

A dance friend does a lot of canning. I asked if she wanted the jars. She was very happy to have them. She’s got a child with many allergies and this will allow her to make homemade apple juice. Win/win.

Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?
Also, Friday my good (magenta) dress coat lost its last button. Fortunately, I felt it pop and saved the button before it became lost.

In this case, I have chosen to keep the matchy-matchy magenta buttons. It’s the dressy coat I wear over my gowns for singing engagements. On my other coats I tend to replace buttons with coloful, new options.

This weekend I put all the magenta buttons back on securely. While I did that, I emptied my old sewing/embroidering case which had broken.

It was a shiny metal lunch box, where the hinge holding the lid on just gave way. I’d started using an old knitting bag with lots of zippers, as my sewing case. However, I’d never moved the embroidery items from the broken box into it.

That process ended in a good toss… a lot of broken buttons, short bits of embroidery thread and elastic, and more… all in the trash. I also moved some beads to the bead box. That felt like a real accomplishment.

(I also moved some let-go-of items from near the back door, to my car. Hopefully that means I’ll take them to a charity shop on Wednesday. Alas, the place I used to go burned down just before Christmas. My routine is a little messed up by that… but nothing like the folks who worked there.)

A New Week… What Will it Be?
Today, who knows? I hope I’ll toss some things on this desk. It doesn’t stay clean for more than a few days. The main desk surface is still visible, but the piles surrounding my computer are starting to grow. (I swear paper piles grow from the bottom up, like mushrooms pushing through the leaves above!)

Are you planning to toss anything today? What will it be?

Day 4 of 21:
My 3 New Gratitudes for Today

  • Fun Clothes in my Closet
  • Plenty of yarn from which to choose, for new projects
  • Excellent soup in the crockpot for dinner. (Leftover tomato sauce, beans & some frozen veggies… not much work to make a good meal.)

12 Responses to “Toss-it Tuesday”

  1. Otterwise Says:

    Today our friend from Atlanta visited, he took home a remote control Helicopter he left here before he moved (instead of us selling it for him on ebay). I listed a lot more yarn on ebay plus a new set of interchangeable needles this week, it is only Tuesday but the auctions are doing well (over $200 so far).
    I got rid of some books from my kindle, but that only made virtual space LOL!

  2. RachelB Says:

    I haven’t tossed necessarily but I cleared some items off my kitchen counter back into the cabinets where they belong.  Christmas tree is finally put away but the space it was hasn’t been refilled.   Also got all the recycling in the car to drop off, leaves a large clear space in the house.  I focused on small bits of deep cleaning yesterday – nice to see shiny surfaces.  Thursday I am planning on tackling the outgrown kids clothes, there is a bathtub full….

  3. kathy b Says:

    Im planning to clean out my yarn bin…..I won’t throw out , but I will SEND some yarn to others ….that counts too!!!!

  4. Kdedmundson Says:

    Added four new items to the pile from Tuesday! Now, for my three new gratitudes:

    –7th graders, whose sense of humor keeps me laughing
    –periwinkle blue skies
    –leftover shrimp creole for school lunch…yum!

  5. Otterwise Says:

    I forgot to add gratitudes!
    1. my friends and family, they are many fewer than I used to have but they are ‘distilled’ friends, each of them more precious than the ones who fell behind.
    2. my crafting and imagination, that enriches every day, and smooths any ragged edges.
    3. the internet, which makes my world as big as the real one.

  6. Otterwise Says:

    That absolutely counts!!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I need desperately to make virtual space on my laptop’s hard drive. Sounds like you’re having a good week lightening up. Me, too.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Oh… 7th graders can definitely get one to giggle given the right situation. I’m hanging out a bit with a 6th grader these days. She’s pushing my awareness in a lot of ways. Kids are good for grownups.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I cleared out a box worth of yarn to sell on ebay. Because I design for yarn shops, they need me to use currently-available yarns. Those yarns that have gone out of production are not good for work any more, and selling them will make wiggle room in my crowded yarn area.

    There are no rules on Toss-it Tuesday. The idea is to lighten our loads, free up some breathing space in whatever way works for each person. Go for it!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Our Christmas tree, just a 4 foot one, is still up. It takes no floor space, it’s small enough to go on a table. Usually I like it up until March because I love the color and light. This year I think I’m tired of it. It will come down sooner this year than usual.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The size of what I’ve tossed this week is small, the things were tiny but had been sitting on a flat surface for months.

    I do OK with things which actually have a real home. Unfortunately, the house is full of things with no home or where the home assigned is smaller than the stuff that belongs in it.

    Tuesday and Wednesday I got rid of a bunch of tiny things that were sitting. It is great!

  12. Kdedmundson Says:

    As much as I love the magic of the holidays, I crave the simplicity of post-holiday, Scandinavian “space”. I totally understand!

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