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Wealth and Contentment

If you are content with what you have, you are wealthy.
— Unknown

Today I celebrate what I do have. Today I acknowledge my friends, family and other colleagues and aquaintances who make my life so fine. I am fully, abundantly wealthy. My life is made up of good in all ways. I’m grateful.

In the 3 gratitudes per day department (day 5 of 21):

  • An abundance of skills and creative abilities from which to make things that make me smile.
  • Eyes which see and adore color (a friend’s husband is black/white color blind, other folks I know are fully blind… I’m appreciative).
  • The Internet. What an amazing relationship tool it is, what a fine information-gathering resource!

(The photo I took in January, in our south-side yard. We had snow and blooming violets at the same time. It was magnificent.)

2 Responses to “Wealth and Contentment”

  1. kathy b Says:

    I LOVE the positive vibe of this post!! i threw out old leftover ugly yarns yesterday on toss it tuesday plus 24 hours

  2. Kdedmundson Says:

    Today’s gratitudes:
    –Fridays, which carry the promise of an evening without obligation and a morning without a 4:35 a.m. wakeup call!
    –micheladas, which take hot sauce and limes to a whole ‘nother level
    –window washers, who will bring bright February sunshine into our windows tomorrow

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