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Care to Live Enough

Our care should not be to have lived long as to have lived enough.
— Seneca

It was a too-busy day, in a good way. We sang two performances, I taught a beginning knitting class, wrote a handout… Dinner was served at 11pm.

It’s late, so I’m going to share 3 gratitudes and the quote above, and go to sleep. I teach a Sock-In-A-Day class tomorrow. It’s intense but fun.

Three new gratitudes (day 7 of 21):

  • The opportunity to teach 4 women to knit, from the beginning.
  • A satisfying new recipe twist on an “old” recipe.
  • The fun experience of singing with Brian on a radio/TV show today as special Valentines Week guests. A wonderful perk of being musical and in love!

3 Responses to “Care to Live Enough”

  1. Kdedmundson Says:

    Gratitudes for today:
    -cousins who open their worlds to me via the “innernets”
    -warm socks on a cool morning
    -a balloon launch today!

  2. kathy b Says:

    WOW  how do you teach a sock in a day???  Does the entire sock get finished??? Wow…..
    Happy late night events.  Sounds like a good tired to me

  3. Kdedmundson Says:

    Not sure how Lynn teaches it, but I created a pattern for a “mini sock” using the exact same steps and stitches as a full-size sock–just fewer stitches, bigger needles and worsted yarn so it can be finished in one class!

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