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Surround Yourself with Allies

Make it a point to be around those with positive energy—people who want what’s best for you, people who understand your goals and priorities.
–Rebecca Lobo

Yes! Who could say it better than that?

We choose our life focus every day. People near us add or subtract from our state of mind. It’s crucial to pick our comrades well.

Three New Gratitudes (Dayd 9 of 21)
Listening to Brian play ukulele in our living room.
Friend Tony (today, tea and knitting).
A day where I didn’t need to go out in the cold.

3 Responses to “Surround Yourself with Allies”

  1. Kdedmundson Says:

    Today, I am grateful for:
    -microwavable edamame with flakes of sea salt
    -books…and the authors who write them
    -puppy-wrestling–the current sport in my family room, where two Weimaraners are leaping and growling playfully

  2. kathy b Says:

    Such a joyful image! !I Love a day when I don’t’ have to go out in the cold. Fireman just lit a fire in the fireplace and Im in for the remainder of the day…ahhhhhhhh

  3. Trish Says:

    The happiness just flies out of that picture and makes me smile. :-)
    Grateful for:A sunny dayJake’s orthodontics are almost paid offMike is on the upswing after a week of being sick. 

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