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Self-Nurturing Day

Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s not an easy holiday for many. I encourage those I love… single or not, to use this holiday as a self-care, self-appreciating day.

Stand tall and be gentle with yourself. Have a special cup of tea, linger in a bubble bath rather than taking a quick shower, add vanilla or cinnamon to your oatmeal today. Little things add up!

That said, at this point in my life I have found myself in love with a very fine human. Brian is a great partner in so many ways. We live simply but happily, in a modest city with good people around us.

I knew who Brian was, years before I knew his name. He performed 1920s songs with his ukulele and I loved the music. If I saw that “the ukulele guy” was playing,  I’d show up at the concert.

We married over 15 years ago. Around that time, he taught me how to play the Heftone Bass. I was a trained singer who had played guitar in my teens. Bass was just the ticket.

Now, we sing as “The Fabulous Heftones.” We do love songs almost exclusively, most of them from 1900-1930.

It’s said that there are 3 kinds of love songs: 1) I wish I was in love… 2) I’m in love and it’s great… 3) I was in love and I’m not anymore; I wish I was still in love. We concentrate on the 2nd sort of song. There are good songs from the 1920s which fit the other categories, but we don’t sing them in our act.

We were on the radio on Friday. The DJ/host asked us if we maybe ramp up the romance a little more for Valentine’s day.

It was a reasonable question. Really, though? How much more could we ramp it up? These old songs are so well crafted that they speak for themselves.

If you’re in Lansing (Michigan), we will be performing twice Tuesday. Neither performance has a cover charge, and both are excellent locally-owned businesses with quality products. Perhaps you’d enjoy coming by?

3:30-5:30 Foods for Living (East Lansing, very near Okemos)

6:30-8:30 Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine (East Lansing, near Frandor)

If you won’t be coming by for either concert, you can still hear us by listening online or downloading the music file to your computer. Our “Moon June Spoon”  album has not only music files but chords and words! Just cllick Moon June Spoon.

3 New Gratitudes today

  • Brian
  • Music
  • My Heftone Bass, made by Brian’s father. It was a gift. It gives me and other folks pleasure.

6 Responses to “Self-Nurturing Day”

  1. kathy b Says:

    Awww I’m going to listen to you two

  2. Kdedmundson Says:

    –for a marriage in every sense of the word, to the man who’s been “my guy” for over 30 years–more years than I survived before him!
    –blooms on the lemon and tangerine trees
    –the smell of wet, warm earth…spring is so early this year!

  3. Kdedmundson Says:

    gratitudes for 2/15
    –the combination of kalamata olives, red onions, and feta cheese
    –a half day at school without too many meetings
    –a company that delivers warm, freshly baked cookies to a college student who is too far away to hug

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Karen, I didn’t make a blog post Wednesday but here were my gratitudes:
    1. The simple luxury of a warm washcloth on my face in the morning.
    2. Clean sheets.
    3. Our new cordless vacuum which makes life so much easier.

    (I love the warm baked cookie thing… how sweet is that?)

  5. Kdedmundson Says:

    No worries about the blog post…I just wanted to keep up with my gratitudes! And yes, I love the warm cookie thing! It’s not terribly expensive, and it encourages a sense of community (a dozen is more than one person can eat solo before they go cold, so students share with their friends and neighbors.)

  6. Kdedmundson Says:

    Gratitudes for 2/16 (I think?)
    –cows gathered to watch the sunrise (it must be getting closer to summer…that I got to see a bit of sun before work!)
    –poor confused pear trees…loaded down with white blooms in mid-February
    –the sound of a puppy sighing heavily when my alarm went off at 4:35 a.m. (I agree…it was way too early!)

    Gratitudes for 2/17 (I think?)
    –husband home from travels (yay!)
    –daughter due home for the weekend
    –quiet sound of a misty rain…or a lack of sound, maybe. It blocks the little noises.

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