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Toss-it Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday again, whether we are ready or not. I’m still tossing things out as much as I can while I proceed through each day.

However, on Tuesdays the focus is all about “Toss-it Tuesday.” Some of you have been traveling with me on this fascinating bumpy road.

This week I’ve been working on tax records. I’m tossing any paper that I can, while sorting through the papers I need to keep. There is a lot of tossing going on here.


Last week friend Brenda asked me to take some of her old costume pieces and give them to new dancers at my dance rehearsal. I did that, plus I took along a few things from my own costume stash. They were all happily snatched up and taken to new homes.

Current Plan

This week is less fun. Papers… old receipts I don’t need for IRS documentation. I’m on a roll. Hopefully the roll will continue easily.

Papers. They are the hardest thing for me to deal with. They are small enough to not look like I did much. Each one requires individual decision-making… slow going. However, dealing with them makes a strong impact on my life.

Come Along?

If you’d like to join us, come on over to the Facebook Group page for Toss-It Tuesdays. It’s a closed group which means I need to add you to the list. However, it’s small and friendly that way and it seems to be working. You’ll have to be on Facebook and friend me to join in there. Information is on the group page.

Please consider joining us… or just post a comment here on this blog post if you prefer!

3 Responses to “Toss-it Tuesday!”

  1. kathy b Says:

    went to the underwear drawer today..and tossed and tossed and tossed. Thanks  it was TIME

  2. MerryKarma Says:

    Today, I cleaned out a chest of drawers in which one of the older kids had left some clothing from her high school years.  Definitely not anything she would want back.  It filled a 30-gal plastic bag and was taken to Goodwill.

    I am trying to work on papers too…they are the bane of my existence!

  3. Otterwise Says:

    Our favorite Easter Seals van is coming on Tuesday next week and I called for a pick up. Oscar has taken out boxes of ornaments we no longer care about, some books, and some knick Knacks. So far, 4 boxes full in the back of the van waiting for Tuesday. I think I will find more clothes to donate, too.
    Our big garage declutter has been postponed until next weekend, BUT Oscar has been working hard sorting out and tossing the junk already. My brother will come and haul away the useful stuff we can no longer use until we own a house again.

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