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Jillian is Back!

Jillian Moreno wearing Folly Jillian Moreno, otherwise known as KnittingFrau, has not had a blog for a while. She has been performing an even more creative act, she had a baby boy who is now a toddler. This in addition to the girl-child she already had. They are both picture-perfect beautiful, with wild curly hair.

I missed Jillian. But now she’s back! Do go visit her.

By the way, she’s coming out with a new book (working with Amy Singer of Knitty.com… we never really do know when a book will land, do we? Even when we have a date?

But it’s called Big Girl Knits, the smallest size fits a bust 42″ around. Jillian is a wonderful designer with big girl curves, and she is bound to just have the best book possible in a totally under-served area of the knitting world (We have Joan McGowan-Michael of White Lies, and the ample knitters email list, and I can’t think of anywhere else that is really a resource for curvy goddess-shaped women.)

Jillian’s design finesse can be seen in several designs on Knitty. Visit her flower-adorned cardigan “Folly,” “Boo,” “Boo Too,” “Bella” “Bob & Weave” (a wrap in a brushed silk yarn and a ribbon, that I would really love to knit… in my spare time). Photo here is Jillian wearing Folly (Winter ’03) holding then-infant baby boy.

Anyway, please go to Jillian’s blog. Leave her a note and let her know how glad we are that she’s back, that she’s one of us again.

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