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Soar with Confidence

The young artist of today need no longer say “I am a painter,” or “a poet,” or “a dancer.” He is simply an “artist.” All of life will be open to him.
— Allan Kaprow

Image: a digital collage I created in 2000, from 3 scanned photos I took myself.

5 Responses to “Soar with Confidence”

  1. kathy b Says:

    amazing, creative, wonderful whimsical

  2. Mom Says:

    What a fun picture. We drove by the sign yesterday. I do not know where the pool is. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous Says:

     Mom, the pool is at that college in Lakeland which has Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. You took me there once and I got some great photos. It was a while ago.

  4. Anonymous Says:

     Thanks for your kindness, Kathy. It was fun. The shadows I made, I can’t remember how I did them… may need to go back and study a little in PhotoShop. In my spare time?

  5. Mom Says:

    Oh, yes, thank you. It is Florida Southern College. It has just been named a national historical site because of all of the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.

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