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Toss it Tuesday & Daddy’s Daffodil

I am glad I set a theme for tossing on Tuesdays when the weather was nasty outside. In Lansing we’re working on a week of gorgeous. It’s hard to want to do anything routine here right now.

I guess I started a littleMonday, too. When I decide to let go of something, it doesn’t always go in the trash or the recycling bin. Those things sit next to the back door until I take them out to their proper new homes. I had quite a pile back there not long ago.

Last week I took a shoe and a bike bag to the shoe repair to get them fixed. They are now repaired and no longer by the back door. We had a huge box which was so stiff it was hard to fold and fit into the recycle bin, so I put it in my car. Monday when I was near MSU’s recycling center I put the box in the large recycling trailer there. Monday I also took our expired compact fluorescent bulbs to the food Co-Op where they will get them to the proper place.

The pile by my back door is much better than it was last week Tuesday. I still need to sit in that office and toss more papers.

If you’d like to join the Facebook group for Toss-it Tuesdays, you can click here. You need to be logged into Facebook to see it. (That’s life in the “free services” realm.) You can also share in the comments below, if FaceBook isn’t your thing.


It’s still gorgeous outside… summer-hot sunny weather. I’m in heaven.

Daddy’s Daffodils

The flower above? My father planted dozens of bulbs at least 40 years ago. He died in June of 1973.

The fragile bulbs he planted are long expired. The big, red tulips faded many years later. The standard, heavy-duty, determined all-yellow daffodils? Still going strong in more than one spot. I took this photo in the dark, with my car’s running lights for illumination.

The first daffodils are always a big deal for me. This year they are early. I hope you enjoy it, too.

2 Responses to “Toss it Tuesday & Daddy’s Daffodil”

  1. kathy b Says:

    I didn’t really toss it, but I donated a dress to the Cinderella foundation iN Chicago .  Prom dresses for less fortunate…felt great to donate

  2. Mom Says:

    Thank you for sharing Daddy’s daffodil. They will all be gone by the time I get back. It is amazing that the bulbs have been blooming for over 45 years with only nature to care for them.

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