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Energy, Confidence & Focus


“A lot of creativity has to do with energy, confidence and focus. These are the elements for making creative things. It’s probably the same thing whether you’re making a movie, whether you’re an entrepreneur doing business, whether you’re an artist, or whether you’re a gardener or a cook. These are all the same qualities that it takes.”
— Dale Chihuly

I’m not so sure how much confidence is required. It seems some creativity requires action (sometimes with shaky hands or a nervous gut) more than absolute confidence. However, I do agree that artfulness/ creativity is inside many realms, not just “the arts.”
In which area(s) are you being creative/ artful these days? I’m costuming, knitting, and strengthening bonds with loved ones. How about you?

One Response to “Energy, Confidence & Focus”

  1. Mom Says:

    Eating all of that is really special. It makes me want to fix up the plates of food we eat.

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