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Counting more Blessings

Altu with a platter at her restaurantI am counting my blessings again. I spent the day Sunday with my friend Altu and her family. Her mother, a sweet woman, is visiting from Ethiopia. I call her Mama because she recognizes that word. Mama and I share only maybe 6-10 words between two languages. We love each other, anyway. It’s amazing how much you can love someone who you can not even talk with.

I took gifts, so she can take them back to loved ones in Ethiopia. I knit four pair of wristwarmers and had a nice group of photographs printed out to send back. Several pictures of the two children turned out so well, I just had to share! Mama was delighted.

Lynn and MamaSo I had the best of days. I saw Mama again, and I spent the day with Altu, I saw/talked with several of her sisters and brothers-in-law and nieces and nephews. It was a large crowd… not my favorite thing, but the people made it worth the trouble.

You know, talking with Altu and her sisters is just so alive! I don’t know what else to call it. Folks who have taken the choice to make a huge move… to come to another continent where the culture is vastly different and the language is not your first, seem more conscious about life and choicemaking. These folks I saw Sunday are passionate people who laugh big and smile a lot. I ate great food and laughed and smiled until my face was tired! What else can a woman want, but good friends and a smile?

Here’s a photo I took of Altu at her restaurant this past week. Look at that platter, full of all sorts of good food (this is the veggie platter for two) that she made. And what an artform this is, both in looks of the platter and the taste. Yum! Second photo is me with Mama. She seems to evade cameras a lot, so I’m delighted she wanted a photo with me this weekend.

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