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Events: Entertainment in LoveLansing

Oh, my… It’s truly spring now in Lansing, Michigan . I’m sitting on my porch typing this. I’m watching bicycles and basketballs go by as I drink in the green and the sunshine. With the warmth, options of things to do in my corner of the world just increased.

Dancing at Wanderer’s Teahouse

If you are new to my blog, I am immersed in many artforms. Last Saturday I accompanied two dancers from the Habibi Dancers troupe (I’m a member) at the Wanderers Teahouse in East Lansing.

We are a nonprofit organization, and part of our purpose is education. Wanderers asked us to come out and do a lecture/ demonstration. I spoke a bit of the history of the dance, and also took my camera. Zurha and Najida performed. Here they are mid-dance.

My Performance this Coming Friday

This Friday (May 4) I’ll be dancing  as Eudora, with dancer Maryam. Maryam is a classically-trained dancer, just beautiful from the tips of her fingers.

The location will be New Aladdin’s Restaurant in Lansing’s Frandor shopping center. (It’s between Sparty’s and Apple Jade, not far from the video store.) This is a locally-owned restaurant, full of good people and good food. They offer many Lebanese/ Mideastern dishes as well as adventurous smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices.

Show Times/ Details

There will be shows starting at 6:30 and 7:30pm, lasting about a half an hour each. There is no cover, but tips are most welcome.

It’s a family-friendly spot, where children often get up and dance with us. A great night out.

Here I am dancing there on a previous Friday. The child was fascinated by my shiny costume. She was so much fun to dance for!

Oh, Yes! The Costumes!

For those interested in costuming as an artform, this costume is completely handmade. The troupe to which I belong, Habibi Dancers of Lansing, made it as a group project for my Christmas present this past December.

It was totally a surprise to me. That skirt is a full circle of flowy fabric, and the bra and belt were cust0m-made by troupe members to fit me exactly. The necklace and earrings were also part of the gift, as were many other pieces I did not wear that night. It was INCREDIBLE, and an out-of-the blue surprise.

Late next week I’ll be dancing at a school cultural-awareness event with the troupe. On that day, we will be wearing more “folkloric” clothing (rather than what we call “cabaret” which you see above).

I’ll have one of the other dancers take a few photos of that costume and show it to you. More incredibleness, I assure you. Also made by hand, for me, as a gift from other dancers. I’m humbled.

Lansing folks, I’d love to see you come out to the show. Join me?

2 Responses to “Events: Entertainment in LoveLansing”

  1. kathy b Says:

    I want to learn to dance this way.. Where in chicago area can I learn????
    You all look wonderful

  2. ColorJoy Says:

    Contact Kazna Kalil, (Michelle) elinmotion@hotmail.com
    You can see a small photo of her in this 2006 blog post (second to last photo): http://colorjoy.com/weblog/archives/1333 She is a professional in Chicago, has been there at least 7 years, and even had a stint at a fancy hotel in Thailand for about a month a few years back. Also a very good, enthusiastic person.

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