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Danced the Night Away

Friday I danced as Eudora, with Maryam (both of us from the Habibi Dancers). We danced at a locally-owned Lebanese restaurant, New Aladdin’s. Excellent food, excellent people.

Dance is not just the movement. It involves music, presentation, costuming, performance, interaction with the audience and more.

Dancing on a stage is very different from dancing next to diners at tables. I love the proximity to my audience which happens in the restaurant. I love the ability to interact with diners. I love the community environment.

…and I love how family friendly it is. Here Maryam dances with a young relative.

The little one was charming. At one point she twirled so hard that she fell. She didn’t mind at all.

The food was a work of art, too. What a glorious way to celebrate many artforms at once. What a good way to celebrate my city Lansing, and our community!

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