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Folk Art: Cozy Outdoor Spaces

One of my favorite “folk” art forms is gardening. Humans have a tendency to decorate or embellish our surroundings. Gardening is a really joyful way to do just that!

Wednesday was a perfect sunny summer day here in Lansing, MI. I walked in places I’ve not walked before, past many humble but well-loved homes. The gardens are striking this time of year.

Sometimes a change of pace is enough to open our eyes. I put my car in the shop, took a bus, and walked part of the way home. What a delight!

Some of my favorite garden spaces appear to be in spots where once a house stood. Fire? Maybe, but if so the devastation has been replaced with deep beauty. I’m guessing this was one of those spaces.

No matter how fancy (or not) a home is, one can make a special space outdoors without much in the way of resources. Tiny homes, the size of a standard garage or smaller, often have inspiring yardwork visible.

These last few photos are from my own yard. We have mostly plants which came with the house. They are of types which were popular in the 1920s.  We have hydrangea, lily of the valley, day lilies, peonies, violets, climbing roses and pink “bridal wreath.”

The red climbing roses are irritating weeds for 11 months of the year. They grab my handmade shawls and clothing, ripping and ruining them.I can clip them back, and 2 weeks later they have grown nearly another yard/meter. I can’t keep them tame.

In June, we forgive them.  Here is the view out our 2nd floor bedroom window. The view is of the garage. Those roses are taller than the side of the building. Breathtaking.

We have these roses on two full sides of the yard plus the garage. I’m talking the entire length of the house, plus more. It’s a lot of trouble maintaining them, but they are truly gorgeous right now. All is forgiven.

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  1. kathy b Says:

    In june we forgive them….
    well written my blog friend!

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