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What is Art? A Few Definitions

Art is not a thing — it is a way.
— Elbert Hubbard, 1908

I’m in Columbus, Ohio for the annual June Yarn-Biz trade show, TNNA. It is intense, fun, and exhausting.

The big focus for me is renewing relationships. When I’m lucky, it is also building new ones.

While I’m unable to post much on the road, I’d like to link to a fascinating post on “Brainpickings,” an excellent multi-topic blog. She’s expert at finding related items and presenting them as lists, all worthy of a click.

A few weeks ago, I followed her links to wonderful commencement speeches on video. Great hard-earned wisdom in short form!

Today I read her list re: definitions of Art. My favorite is the lead text here today.

As a blogger who pushes some common definitions of what art might be, I recommend you wander over and read it.

These thoughtful attempts at defining an elusive subject were inspiring to me. Perhaps you, also?

What is Art?


I’ll catch you again when I return to Michigan. If you like, you can tune in to my small updates until then, on my Twitter feed.

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