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Archive for January 5th, 2003

Organizing for the New Year

Sunday, January 5th, 2003

LynnH's first handspun two-ply yarnToday I organized my yarn stash. I have seven clear plastic bins, and I put all sockweight yarns in one, all thicker yarns in small quantities (for sox or hats) in another, large projects like sweaters, felted (fulled) slippers and felted bags in another, etc.

I have enough sockyarn to make 27 pair of sox, filling one box to the brim. I think I’m appalled, except I love every single skein. I remind myself that I did knit 37 pair in 2002, so it’s not even a year’s supply… never mind that I also have some fatter yarns wanting to be sox as well.

However, it is out of balance that I have two boxes of fiber for either spinning or feltmaking. At one time I did a lot of feltmaking (which takes a lot of fiber all at once) but now I’m spinning more than making felt, and that does not use up wool very fast at all. The problem is that I also knit much more than I spin! It is going to take me a long time to spin that wool, or I need to do a feltmaking project this year! I did spin a small amount again today, which made me feel a little better. (The picture is my first-ever handspun two-ply yarn. I dyed the wool myself before spinning it.)

After organizing the wool, I then organized my patterns by putting the ones that I could into plastic pocket protectors and into a 2″ binder The binder is now pretty full. How did I get so many so fast? (OK, they were mostly free from the Internet but I’ve only been knitting again since May 2001.) I often end up knitting without a pattern, but they do inspire me.

Finally (thank goodness) I cleared off my desk, because this is going to be a big work week for me in the computer business. It feels good to start the week with a desk in reasonable order. Too much clutter (my normal state) can eventually make it so my mind gets distracted. I can do emails with clutter, but client projects require and deserve a good clean desk.

A Better Mood

Sunday, January 5th, 2003

flowers in pitcherMy grumpy mood is turning around. After my Saturday walk, I made split pea soup and pumpkin bread, which felt constructive.

Brian and I had a nice dinner together at home. I read some, spun a little on the superwash roving that will someday be sox for my mother, knit three rows on my semi-eternal rug (I’m allergic to the yarn so can not work on it long), and then we worked on learning a new song.

I’m learning Telling it to the Daisies, a lilting melody Annette Hanshaw recorded in 1930 on Columbia Records. You can listen to it if you click on this link http://www.redhotjazz.com/Hanshaw.html and scroll down to find the title. You need RealPlayer to listen to the song, sorry if it’s a hassle.

I already sing Am I Blue and Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love. I have a few more of her pieces on the “someday” list, particularly Would You Like to Take a Walk? and You’re the Cream in My Coffee, and perhaps Button up Your Overcoat. I would love to have a “belting” voice like Sophie Tucker, but in reality I sound really good singing songs like those performed by Annette Hanshaw or Ruth Etting.

I can not express how lucky I am to have Brian as my partner in life. He is just right for me. The more moody I am, it seems, the more constant and dependable he is, yet he is never boring.

I never would be performing musically again if it were not for him. I was a music major in the late 1970’s and around that time I performed quite a bit. However, I had not touched an instrument nor sang in public for years until I met Brian. He just expected that I could learn to play the acoustic bass (I do a decent job of it) and took me along to band practices. Now we play as a duo as well as with the band. It gives me such joy!

The picture is of carnations Brian brought home for me yesterday. He knows I love carnations. They are more beautiful in real life, a warmish fuschia color, more orange than the web can show. I have the right man. Sigh…