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Archive for January 10th, 2003

Un-Knitting as Many Times as it Takes

Friday, January 10th, 2003

ColorJoy Handpainted Roving by LynnHI finished a beret made of the yarn my friend Mandy gave me for Christmas (see my December 30 entry). It just plain didn’t work. It looked fine for most of the knitting but it just is awful now, after I stitched on the hat band. It fits fine but it sort of gathers or ruffles up around my face instead of being flatter.

Someday I’ll figure out berets. For now, it is still a guessing game every time I change yarns (which changes gauge and number of stitches, never mind the drape is different).

I ripped it out twice before I started this version. It will be harder to rip out with the sewing I did to make the I-cord into the hatband. It will be worth it to get it right. After all, Mandy loves me so much she chooses to give me yarn that is gorgeous. I can choose to knit it up in a way that I will actually want to wear it.

My rule for purchasing garments at a store is that I should want to wear it when I’m tired, first thing in the morning, or I probably won’t wear it much. So the beret must be corrected, which means knitting it again. It’s a good thing it doesn’t take long to make a hat, usually two days.

I’ve been working on some knitting for a pattern, and I taught my first computer classes of the term this week, plus I had a client with a big deadline this week. I haven’t had as much time to type here or knit.

However, I’m photographing some yarns and a couple small bits of roving I’ve dyed recently. The picture here is one of the rovings. I’m working on a website to sell them but it’s not ready yet. I thought I’d be selling by late summer and look at me! I get sox and easy hats knit, but that is because I can do it waiting at the doctor or the post office or the bank!