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Archive for January 13th, 2003


Monday, January 13th, 2003

Kazookulele, copyright by LynnHI’ve been in dialog today with folks on the PalmTalk email group on Yahoo. I have had a Handspring Visor Neo (Palm device) since about August, and it still is not working the way I need it to work. Fortunately, there are friendly folks who are willing to share what they have experienced.

I really love my Visor, the calendar is very helpful to me. I don’t do well with paper calendars at all, and carrying my laptop everywhere was getting clumsy enough that I was not doing it all the time. I had a bad few weeks where my schedule got very confused, thus I decided to get the Visor. If I can enter something electronically, I seem to do a better job of keeping it going. This has been a big improvement. Now I just need to figure out how to print only a handful of my appointments. I have been using Lotus Organizer for this function, but it is not synchronizing nicely with the Palm device. Therefore, I’m looking for other ideas.

While corresponding with the Palm Talk folks, I decided to follow the links in a few folks’ signature lines. I found one person who collects yo-yos and one person who makes balloon art by twisting long balloons (my father in law does this sometimes when he hires out as a clown). The page about how they make balloons I found particularly interesting.

I wonder why it is that I get obsessed with knitting sox and inventing the perfect recipe for pumpkin pie that doesn’t use milk or egg, and someone else loves yo-yos or twisting balloons into artforms? Why is it that Brian loves to play banjo and ukulele (and a host of other instruments) but not drums… or for that matter, why does he not wish to act in a play? Why does my brother like acting and directing *and* designing lighting for theatre, yet if I can not be on stage I do not want to give up my time off to help with a play?

In a previous “life,” I was obsessed with polymer clay. I made sculptures, wall pieces, used sheets of polymer as paper for block prints, and made kazoos. The first time I really talked to Brian, he bought a Hershberger Art Kazoo from me. The kazoo shown here on the stand is one I made for him much later. I think I made it for our first Christmas together. I believe the number of the pictured one is #135. It is titled Kazookulele.

I haven’t made a kazoo in over a year now, but I have made close to 200 of them. Brian and I had kazoos as favors at our wedding over six years ago, so that folks who did not bring their instruments (we had a jam session as our reception) could hum/play along.