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Archive for January 15th, 2003

A Novel Idea/Lost and Found

Wednesday, January 15th, 2003

Knitting from the Top by Barbara WalkerMy friend Michelle, another dancer in my troupe, asked me today to make her a special project. She wants what she calls a “butt warmer.” How intriguing!

She dances in cold rooms (our dance rehearsal tonight was two very long hours at 50 degrees F, more extreme than usual since the building was having heat problems again). She can cover up with a sweatshirt and a pair of legwarmers, but her tush gets cold! She basically wants a pair of knitted hot pants (extremely short pants) made of worsted weight yarn. How fun!

I have the Barbara Walker “Knitting from the Top” book which details nicely how to do pants. I was planning to make myself a pair of long underwear with my leftover sock yarns, before next year’s cold season. Now I get to try the trickiest part, the top part down to 2 inches or so past where the legs join. And I’ll be using fatter yarn, as well, making it a quicker project.

I put out a note to the Knitlist asking how much yarn she should get for this project. I usually make socks or hats, or occasionally legwarmers. I sure do not know how much sweater yarn I need for butt warmers!!! We will see how this goes. It may take a while because it definitely will be thinking knitting, which I don’t do much of. However, it will be fun and rewarding when I do complete the project.

In other news, I was digging around in the trunk of my car today looking for some oil, and I found a plastic grocery bag I didn’t recognize. It turned out to be a bag containing a pair of sox I had started in August and totally forgotten about! All that is left on them is to knit both toes. What a wonderful find!

Graceland ChapelI knit them mostly on vacation in Las Vegas (when we went to Graceland Chapel to see a wedding performed by “Elvis,” a wonderful wedding indeed). I did them in Regia self-striping yarn, on size 2-1/2 Brittany needles which is really a bit loose (remember I knit tightly in general so it may not be as off as it sounds) but I was interested in instant gratification. How funny is that? Some kind of instant I got!

I apparently kept knitting on the feet of these sox when I was distracted by other things, so they are too long for me. Now I have to decide if I want to un-knit an inch or so and make them fit me, or give in to the fact that they are loose all over and they may fit a friend better than they fit me.

I visited my friend Altu today, who I had gifted with sox around Christmas (but not specifically a Christmas gift) and she was waxing poetic about those sox. She is a skilled knitter running a restaurant, hence she finds no time to knit. She’s never knit sox but now that she adores the pair I made her, she wants me to teach her how to make some. It should be fun, if I can get her away from the restaurant long enough to really learn.

These newfound sox would fit Altu pretty well. They also would fit my friend Ulyana, or my friend Elizabeth, or my goddaughter Sara. But they were intended for me! Brian says they look like they should be mine, so maybe I’ll just go ahead and rip away on that foot and make them for me after all.