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Archive for January 17th, 2003

Brian Andreas and His Story People

Friday, January 17th, 2003

Image copyright Brian AndreasI love Brian Andreas’ works. He combines words and highly-colorful images of beings, in a way that really reaches me where I feel it on a gut level.

I have one of his “Story People” of painted wood, with a poem on it (it looks like it was rubber stamped one letter at a time). I also have a print. Both bring me to tears when I read them.

The poem on my wall piece is too long to quote here, but this is what my print says:

for a
long time,
she flew only
when she thought no
one else was watching

How did he know? I grieve that I had to go through those days, and rejoice that they are gone.

Go check out his site – http://storypeople.com

The site has Andreas’ books with his poetry and line drawings, matted prints in color which include a poem, and the 3-D wall-mount story people. There is a chat board which looks fascinating although I didn’t dive in very deep.

I chose the version of the site for “older browsers.” It was disappointing that I couldn’t make the e-greetings feature work, even after I created an account where I told the site my email address. That was a disappointment, but maybe it would work with the new version of their site and Internet Explorer (I use Mozilla most of the time).

Even if you can access only the poetry, it is totally worth a trip in any case. Fabulous, heart-lightening stuff.