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Archive for January 18th, 2003

I want to be the *Pink* one!!!

Saturday, January 18th, 2003

Prepare for a more grumpy than usual post… I’ll get back to my sunny self tomorrow, I promise.

OK, I will finally admit it. I took the quiz by coffeebean, called “What Doc Marten are You?” I had seen other people be the snakeskin one or blue, and Sheri Figueroa was the pink one! I wanted to be the pink one, too! Not that I would wear Doc Marten’s, I need my feet to breathe more than that, but they look good, and the pink is a shade I adore.

So I dutifully go to the quiz website and it becomes clear quickly that the questions are setting me up for failure. I have longish brown hair with a streak of silver-gray in it. It goes perfectly with my skin and my eyes (it did take me years to realize this, I admit). It’s beautiful just the way I was born, really lovely. I love purple, but I don’t put it in my hair. (See pic of me and my lovely brown hair, wearing a skein of Lorna’s Laces Crazy sock yarn as a necklace.) OK, I can probably survive one mousy-sounding answer.

Mahotella Queens, 2001Then they ask about favorite album, movie and TV show. My favorite music is South African, especially Mahotella Queens and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. (The large picture is one of the Mahotella Queens that I took myself, from the front row at the National Folk Festival in East Lansing, MI USA, August 2001.) If you have not heard this music before, do check it out, it is addictive and never tires the ear. If you can’t find it locally you can try Elderly Instruments, a music store where my hubby Brian works.

My second favorite type of music would be the tunes and ditties from the 1920’s, flapper/early jazz stuff I’ve talked about here before. Both my favorite music types are funky and unusual in my mind, but I get a choice of Grateful Dead, Lionel Richie, Tori Amos, The Doors. I had to pick Tori Amos, that was the only performer listed I have ever purchased a CD by.

Next: media questions. OK, so I’m unusual in this society, but I really really don’t like TV or Movies. I just don’t. I tried to like movies, but they stir me up so much that I was getting upset. I don’t feel like spending money to get upset, so I don’t go anymore. The last movie I saw was The Lion King, at the movie theatre. It was a wonderful movie overall, but his father dies and I, too, had my father die when I was only 14. That part was so awful to sit through, I was in pain. I just can’t enjoy that kind of emotional manipulation, even though I understand it is exactly what they set out to do, and what others enjoy.

I don’t have cable and I don’t have a VCR. I do have three television sets but they are all black and white, and they mostly gather dust being sculptures. OK, I turn on the TV for the Olympics Figure Skating every four years, and I did turn it on for about 20 minutes this New Year’s Eve to watch the ball drop in Times Square.

But the one thing I would watch a lot, if I could just figure out when it was on, would be the Teletubbies! You don’t have to like them too, but doesn’t that make me a little funky or at least a little interesting or odd? They didn’t give me that choice. They gave me seven current TV show choices, none of which I have ever seen.

Hall China Donut TeapotThen they want to know if I go out on a Friday night, what I drink. Well, I’m a fanatical tea drinker. (I’ve talked here before about my collection of Hall teapots including a donut pot like the one pictured here.) I prefer Japanese green tea if possible, perhaps the kind with toasted rice in it (Genmaicha). At the Lebanese restaurant I drink anise tea, at the Ethiopian restaurant I drink a spiced tea with cloves. At the Chinese or Thai places I drink jasmine. That seems different and funky to me! What I don’t drink is alcohol… my choice, based on family history mostly. So the only choice I have that isn’t alcoholic is water? Come on! They didn’t even offer espresso as a choice. Humph.

In fact, if I go out on a Friday night, I might just be at New Aladdin’s Lebanese restaurant, drinking anise tea and watching my dance friends entertain the crowd. Or if I’m lucky, I’m performing myself, as Eudora. But I flunked the question anyway.

I did OK with the car choice. My fave vehicle (practicality aside) would be a VW Bus from the 60s, especially a grass-green one. The bus was actually an option in the quiz. I should have received a little funky credit for that one, right???

Then they want to know what tattoo I want. OK, I’m 44 years old. I don’t want a tattoo at all. I like skin to be skin colored. The only tattoo I’ve ever seen that I liked was a bass clef, in black, on the ankle of a fellow bass player. That is just as far from the choices given as no tattoo at all. Strike six!

By this point it makes no difference how I answer the last three questions. Of course, my “drug of choice” answer is caffeine, which is a serious demerit on the coolness/funky scale.

So what did the ColorJoy grrl get as her Doc Marten color? Classic brown. Ugh!!! I protest!!!

I am positively allergic to brown, how dare they! The only brown I think is truly beautiful is brown skin (OK, and hair). I don’t even really like wood very much (although I like the wood floor in my house). But here is what they say:

I’m the plain classic brown Doc Marten…
I’m mellow, down to earth,
and a little on the conservative side

Conservative? Me? Hardly. I don’t party, and don’t follow the mass media. That makes me conservative???

I’m a fourth-generation Unitarian-Universalist (my great-Grandmother was one of the founders of Nora Church in Hanska, MN), I play a funky bass instrument called a Heftone which was built by my father-in-law, that looks like a huge banjo. I am a middle-eastern dancer (beledi dance, otherwise verbally contorted to “belly” dance). I wear so much color that when I do laundry I do a “fuschia load” and a “turquoise load.” I painted my front porch purple. I mail embellished styrofoam wig heads through the US Postal service without envelopes, for the fun of it.

I drive a 1998 shiny “Techno Blue” New Beetle with stars on it, with purple fuzzy dice and two talking teletubbies in the back seat. I once drove for two days to Montreal, with one of my goals to buy eyeglass frames there. I put 250,000 miles on my previous car driving alone around the USA and Canada discovering big cities, especially NYC, Boston and Chicago. Yes, alone. (I made friends when I got there.)

My favorite food is Ethiopian, followed by Lebanese (and when I can get it, east Indian). I mean, I eat these foods all the time… not just on a special date. I had Ethiopian lentils for lunch today.

What makes me “classic and slightly conservative???” Aargh! Even the kids I work with at the community center tell me “Oh, don’t worry, those new kids just aren’t USED TO YOU yet.” I should at least rate a color, right?

Maybe the fact I even took the quiz says I’m not as unusual as I want to be. I guess I was enticed by that pink! They got me good.

OK, I’m back. I’m myself again. I just needed to get that off my chest. I promise I won’t be grumpy here for a long while now. ColorJoy, right?