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Archive for January 19th, 2003

Smart Grrls/Strong Women

Sunday, January 19th, 2003

Roomy Green Mohair Sweater with CablesI started the day out right today! I had brunch with some of my friends, an informal group I sort of made up, which I call “Smart Grrls/Strong Women.”

I started this around two years ago when I saw that so many of my friends had very fine daughters, interesting and smart. I had a good hunch that these girls did not know each other but might really enjoy meeting. I also had a strong belief that young women really need to know strong women other than their own mothers. In our pre-teen and teen years, I believe we need to figure out different ways to stand tall without copying our own parents. Often we have a limited number of adult friends from whom we can learn other ways. I know I wished for more exposure to “grownups” when I was starting to figure out who I was.

So, one day I called a bunch of folks I knew would click. I invited the girls first. I said out loud that they might like to know women other than Mom. That they were invited even if Mom could not come, and I could give a ride if need be. And that I wanted them to sit next to someone other than Mom when they got to the restaurant. I called them Smart Grrls to their faces, which I thought they needed to hear. They ate it up.

I haven’t done this as much as I should, because we have such a good time when we meet. Not all the women I invite are mothers, but they are all strong from the inside out. Most are artists, some practicing their art more than others. All are creative people who love me in a way that makes me stronger.

We have had as many as 12 people, although usually it is more like six. Today we had only 4 people, but it was a definite success because the one young lady who came, did not come with her mother at all. She held her own with the three adult women who are now her friends, too, no matter what age.

I need to remember to do this more often. These women, all of them, are precious gifts to me. When I celebrate them, we celebrate each other, and we all become more strong as a team.

Pseudo-Knitting News: After I dropped off the young woman at her home after breakfast, I passed by my favorite resale shop. I was surprised to see they had the Open sign lit, and I detoured happily. I found a number of things, two of which were sweaters.

One is a very thin, finely knitted white sweater in acrylic, alpaca and wool. It has a scoop neck and is intended to fit very tightly as sort of that anorexic-grrl look (the label is from a popular store for young women). I was delighted, because I am always cold and I will wear this as a sort of long-underwear shirt. Alpaca, ummmm. So warm and so soft! That was three dollars!

In addition, I really have been wishing lately for a very long mohair sweater to cover my tush. I love mohair sweaters, they are warm and lightweight. I bought two bags of mohair yarn from http://www.elann.com in December, but I’m pretty realistic that those will not become sweaters this season. I’ve only knit one adult sized sweater (short sleeved, but on size 5 needles) and am halfway through another (bulky wool/mohair) sweater, stalled for months.

It is freeeeezing here in Michigan right now, and I wanted warm clothing *now*!!! It never fails, whenever it gets cold I buy something wool… as if that will fix the weather problem! It does make me feel better.

Luckily, I found a cabled mohair-blend sweater that will do the trick. It’s a very bright green, not one of my normal colors (I may try to overdye it at some point). Since I like my sweaters oversized, I need to roll up the sleeves quite a bit. But hey, it is long enough and thick enough and warm enough for me. Three dollars! No wonder I never knit sweaters!!!

If you are also suffering from the cold, I wish you warmth. I am sitting here typing with my new sweater on, and handknit legwarmers and sox. This is the life!