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Archive for January 20th, 2003

Teaching Friends

Monday, January 20th, 2003

Before I post blogstuff, I must stop to acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. May the work he accomplished continue to bring change to our world.

I hope I can be a small part in that work that remains to be done. I’m not sure I’m big enough to make any difference, but that will not keep me from the hope I might. The world changes one person at a time. I can perhaps make a difference on that level. At least I hope I can. After all, we are all of only one race: the human race. We are all the same on a very real level.

May there peace on earth, between individuals as well as nations.

Today I started the day doing more decorative painting for my friend Altu’s restaurant. It is at the point where it looks done. I still want to do some embellishing in the restrooms but the main dining room is looking great! She had a space with something like a maximum of 12 seats for maybe 3 years, and now she has a maximum 55 (according to the government, anyway). She accomplished this without even moving her location… she just got to take over the space next door. It looks wonderful. Perhaps I will be doing a website for her one of these weeks. When/if I do, you can get a peek at this wonderful, colorful space.

After I was done at Altu’s, she and her daughter Alellan and I went back to my house. They hadn’t been here yet for some reason. Alellan had to take the grand tour finding my teapot collection, the claw-footed bathtub that I’d painted purple with turquoise legs, and a number of smaller fun finds.

After the semi-tour, I did my best to teach Alellan how to spin with a drop spindle. She has wanted to try this for a long time. I got her some beautiful roving in blue/green/purple and she really liked it. She was starting to get a feel for it before I took her home. She was certain she would have all the blue roving spun by the end of the night, and I bet she is right. Fortunately, I had a bit of other wool here and there and so I sent her home with three other types of wool to try out.

Altu has been knitting since she was a child, but had never knit in the round before. I knit her a pair of sox last month and she loves them so much, she wanted to learn how to do that. I got her started, she was on round #2 when she had to leave to pick up her other daughter. I’ll check in with her tomorrow and see how it is going.

After I dropped Alellan off at home, I went to Stitches in Time, in Howell, MI, trying to meet some of my knitting guild friends there (our Lansing guild often goes there on the holiday celebrating Dr. King’s birthday. It seems wrong to me to celebrate his life by creating a shopping experience, so I didn’t go last year. This year I had spent enough time with Altu and Alellan that I felt OK about spending only a few hours there.)

By the time I got to the shop, the Lansing crowd had gone home for the night, so I sat down and got to know some of the more local folks. It was fun.

I ended up realizing that the alpaca sox I’ve been working on (and I thought were within an inch of starting the toe decreases) were just plain too big around for me to enjoy wearing them. I ripped them out right there at the yarn store and decreased more stitches at the gusset. By the time I’m writing this, I’ve caught up to where I was. Maybe I’ll have a new pair of sox in the next few days! We are going to Florida on Friday, so I’ll have to think about what projects I want to take with me for that five-day excursion.

I’m still thrilled about my sweater find yesterday! It is so warm and comfy, and long enough to keep the tush nice and toasty!

Tomorrow night is Knitting Guild. I love all my guilds, but this is by far the most important. I’m looking forward to it.