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Archive for January 21st, 2003

Teaching Success

Tuesday, January 21st, 2003

MiniI saw Altu today. She said she has knit about 2 or 3 inches on her first sock, so she is quite pleased.

She also told me that Alellan had spent all day spinning the wool I had given her, and the older sister went nuts begging to try it. Mind you, normally this sister is not much interested in this sort of thing, she is a very talented athlete and dancer, and starting to get interested in that group-socialization that happens at the mall on days off. It seemed quite improbable that this very physical kid would have any interest in sitting still to make yarn one spin at a time. Yet here we are, with a kid feeling left out!

Of course, I said I would get her a drop spindle as I did for Alellan, but the vendor who has these quite good $3 spindles made with wooden toy wheels is at my guild in three weeks. That is an eternity to a 13-year old girl. I think I’ll have to let her borrow my walnut spindle (I have only one spindle) until I can get her something for her own.

I count this as a big success, two eager learners happy to be working on the things I taught, and one eager to start. What a great thing for all of us.

I went to the knit guild tonight (what a great group of folks it is, too). I showed off my almost-finished alpaca sox that need to be ripped back a little again and reknit once more (but the fabric is just wonderful and worthy of showing off). I also showed off the purple mohair hat.

Then I asked for advice on the hat of the yarn Mandy gave me, that just didn’t turn out well at all. I may try some interesting things to see if I can make it right. I think in the end, I am going to have to figure out how to knit a beret from the top down (sort of like sox from the toe up, where you increase rather than decreasing).

I also took the time to start picking up stitches for the sleeves on the double-stranded Lambs Pride Worsted sweater. I only got halfway around the first armhole, but it is more knitting than I have done on that project in a month or maybe several months. I have several other projects to handle, one for a publication which is being quite patient with me, so I can’t focus on the sweater too much right now. It was good to at least start in again, with the support of all those knitters in the room.

The picture is a mini sock I knit for Marcia, who is one of the very involved members of our guild. She also works for Yarn For Ewe, my Local Yarn Shop. Marcia did a favor for me once, several months ago, and I knit this (I sewed a pin on the back so she could wear it) as a thank you. I used the same handspun yarn (some of my very earliest) that I used for the mini sweater. I could not get the color true in this picture, for some reason.