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Archive for July 1st, 2003

Borders with Tony

Tuesday, July 1st, 2003

Tony and I went to Borders today. Great fun. Of course, it was even more special because we went to Zingerman’s Deli first, for dinner. Yum. That place does food as art! Pricey but worth it. We both had salads. and I made more than my share of “yummy noises.”

The Borders crowd was small but as always, delightful. This group is a home to me. I showed off the stoles I’m working on with JoAnn’s yarn (finally figured out a blue/green colorway that really works as a second choice). Forgot to take the beautiful sox I made for Brian and finished this weekend while camping.

Oh, I had a couple knitters who stayed around for an extra few hours today (they knit through computer lab as well as knitting time) and I really enjoyed their company. They are fairly new knitters, sisters, who are doing an amazing job of tidy and even knit stitches, and they knit a lot at home so they are finishing projects pretty quickly. I let them both choose a ball of eyelash yarn for the next project, while there were not a zillion other children in the room.

These girls are so quiet and shy I just showed them what their choices were and did a swatch so they could understand what it might look like to knit the different eyelash yarns with a base yarn, and then I just let them sort of look over the yarns with me not looking over their shoulders. I’ve never been shy so I just have to imagine that they would be more comfortable if I was not watching their decision process. One girl ended up with some cream eyelash with very long polyester eyelashes. The other chose a slightly shorter but more dense eyelash in white with holographic synthetic fibers. Pretty exciting for kids ages 9 and 10!

I’ve been struggling with what to do when I have more newcomers than I can really teach to knit in one hour. Tony came up with the perfect answer. The younger ones, or those waiting for me to get to them with how to knit (I really have to hold their hands as they form the first half dozen or so stitches), I am going to show how to finger crochet a chain.

Some of the kids will like that better than knitting with needles, and if they are happy I have honored them. I feel as though when they have to wait what I deem “too long” that I am not honoring them properly. Finger crocheting will be perfect. Some kids just like to see how long of a chain they can make, competing to see whose chain is longer. Yippee. Tony came through for me again. Thanks, Tony!