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Archive for July 3rd, 2003

Vince is Found!!!

Thursday, July 3rd, 2003

NightLight by Vince BudnickMy friend Vince has been living in China for a year. He has his own domain name, digitallydo.com, but while he was in China and having difficulty getting online, something happened with the web hosting service which was handling his domain. His pages and email stopped working. Poof! No way to reach Vince, no way to know he was OK, no chance to hear how China was going.

I actually first met Vince online, when the web was new and there were very few sites about polymer clay. He had a site up about his polymer night lights. I checked them out and then later Mike Buesseler (I hope I spelled that right) and I corresponded (last I checked, Mike’s web pages were not there any more) and Mike said I really needed to “meet” Vince. So I wrote Vince and we started a correspondence that has not ended. This was perhaps 1995-96 or so.

Somewhere along the line I experimented with UseNet newsgroups and found one I think was called rec.crafts.polymer-clay where I connected with a few other polymer artists. Now there are 4 of us in a core of friends and two others who say hi from time to time, who write long missives about art, life, and anything else on our mind. It has slowed down, but I remember when Brian and NightLight by Vince BudnickI were engaged (and I was stressing out about planning the party that was our reception) the group, which we call “artcafe,” was the most important support I had. Some days I would get up and check email thinking, “Oh please, please, a message from artcafe!” The first time I talked to Vince by phone rather than email was I think the day before my wedding, when he called to offer love and support.

We met in person later, when there was a pretty fabulous polymer clay show in New Jersey (he lived in that state at the time) called MIPCES, though I don’t remember what that stood for. I did the website for it but that site has since been pulled. That weekend I stayed with Vince’s family. Since then Brian and I visited his family in North Carolina when they had moved down there, and Vince has visited us in Michigan with his family (wife, Carol, and sons Max and Asa). A year ago they moved to Shanghai China where they knew Carol had a job teaching, and they hoped Vince could also find work there… he ended up teaching as well.

Anyway, I was disturbed when I had no way to correspond with my dear friend. But in the last few days I found his site was back up again, although in a different format. And it said I could contact him through a different email address than I’d been using. So I wrote my other Artcafe’ friends and told them my wonderful find, and wrote Vince as well. And today he wrote back!!!

It turns out they have been in the US for a couple weeks and will be even travelling to Michigan. (Yippee!!!! Maybe they will stay with us again.) They think they will probably go back to China for another year. I think it would be super cool to go visit them there. After all, going to another country when you know someone to show you around, is infinitely superior to taking a package tour!

Sigh… my friend is back. My friend is fine. My friend might come see me!!! Ahhhhh…. I feel better already.