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Archive for July 5th, 2003

A Night on the Town

Saturday, July 5th, 2003

Dancing Flappers
Tonight (Saturday) Brian and I had a private music gig as The Fabulous Heftones. It was great fun. The party was a large family gathering, with folks from Michigan and Canada. This family does a theme party each year, and this year they chose the 1920’s. We got to be the theme music. Such fun!

At the end of our act, some folks asked for some dancing music so that the women dressed as flappers could dance a bit. We did “Jada” which is a tune many folks have at least heard before, and we had three ladies dancing a pseudo-charleston. It was a blast!

We also had several requests and could at least somewhat sing a bit of all but one, not too bad. Brian did a great impromptu version of “Bye-bye Blackbird,” I was most impressed since I didn’t know he had ever done that song. It’s a goodie, we should work it up one of these days.

Four Seasons for Dinner
After we played for the party, we decided we might as well go out to dinner since we were dressed up so nicely (Brian in a tux and me in an evening dress). We tried a new place, the Four Seasons. It happens to be exactly next door to the Cappucino Cafe where Sarah Peasley and I had tea yesterday morning. I understand both businesses are run by the same folks.

It was a bit fancier than we typically enjoy, with a wine list and a martini list, and somewhat overly friendly waitstaff… but the food was good. I had a fettucini with tomato/garlic sauce and small bits of chicken, and a chicken rice soup flavored with lemon and mint. Brian had a manicotti stuffed with cheese and spinach. Brian said the bread was as good as it looked, and we did get refills on hot tea which is my test of good service.

We won’t go there often, as I honestly like Altu’s and Aladdins better as a regular meal, plus they are less expensive and I have relationships with the people running those restaurants. However, for something different this was actually better than I had expected. The tomato sauce was significantly better than average, for example. But I guess I prefer waitstaff who say things like “Hey, how are you doing?” over “It was my pleasure to serve you this evening.” Some things I’m fussy about doing “right,” whatever that is, but I like relationship over formality.

Perfect Summer Weather
The weather has cooled off and it is a gift. Yesterday was so hot it was hard to do much until the sun started to set. Thank goodness there has been a little rain. Right now it is quite comfortable summer weather. Sigh… I should sleep well tonight. I hope to get back to some knitting tomorrow. I seem to be in the middle of everything and done with nothing these days. I have heard other knitters say the same thing, so it must just be the season

Fourth of July Holiday

Saturday, July 5th, 2003

A New Toy
I got a “new” bicycle this week. It is a Schwinn Suburban, I’m guessing from about 1966 or so. It’s a heavy and sturdy “girls” bike with five speeds, but it has a regular upright seat so I am not leaning too much on my wrists. I like it a lot. It’s stylish but not enough to get stolen easily. It’s blue, not purple or whatever, but it’s true to its own style. It came with a lot of surface rust but I’m doing a good job shining the chrome. I have a bit of experience with chrome! (My furniture is chrome, also, for the most part.)

Brian and I rode our bikes to Altu’s restaurant for dinner Thursday night, which is about 3 miles one way. Foster Center is about the same distance as Altu’s so I may ride to work, at least on mornings I get up early enough to get going. We will see how willing I am to get up 45 minutes earlier!

I can ride a lot of the way on the Riverwalk (official name is River Trail) so there is very little traffic and the scenery is lovely. I get off the Riverwalk less than half a mile from work, and I can mostly snake through the neighborhood south of Foster to get there, with crosswalks where I need safety. I’m happy about this. I have not had a bike in a few years, although in the 1970’s and 80’s bicycle was an important form of transportation and recreation for me. This is not a long-distance bike but I don’t want to go long distances for now. It sure is pretty, in any case!

Fireworks from our “Hood”
Last night we decided we didn’t want to go where a zillion people were just to see fireworks, so we walked about 5 blocks to Cedar street where there is an overhead crosswalk for kids to go to school. We and two other small groups from the neighborhood stood there to watch what we could of the fireworks. It would have been better if we had been maybe 5 feet higher, but we saw enough to feel we had not been left out, and that way we had no traffic jams.

I have enjoyed walking and riding bikes with Brian in the last two days. He is good company and sometimes we don’t take the time to do activities together, other than perhaps playing music.