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Archive for July 8th, 2003

Knitting Inspiration, and Family

Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

Today I had a 17 year old girl fall in love with some yarn Jillian donated to my program. She has only been knitting three weeks but can picture this yarn as a vest. She and I will make that happen. We may make up a vest or we may adjust the Sally Melville sideways-knit garter stitch vest (which Sally made as an asymmetrical design but this student doesn’t like that particular idea). I told the student (she’s the oldest one I’ve ever had for more than one day) that she is learning to knit as I do… I find a yarn, the yarn tells me what it wants to be, and that is what I knit next. I’m excited because I’m sure this girl will actually finish. What a great thing to plan for the summer!

After work I got dinner at Altu’s restaurant and then drove to meet my brother and his wife, Diana (and two other friends) at Metzger’s restaurant in Ann Arbor. This German restaurant is in its 75th year. It is a quality place, where one chef won a state-level chef award and is going to nationals. I just didn’t want to hassle with trying to order something that might or might not nourish me. I am sure if I called ahead they would have accommodated my allergies, but it’s mostly red meat and heavy German foods, and I just didn’t want to hassle. So I went to dinner already full, and drank tea while enjoying the company. It worked perfectly.

It was so nice to sit next to Eric for an hour or so. I think I drove longer to get there and back than I was with the group, but it didn’t matter to me. Remember, I love driving anyway. Me, and the music, and driving in the dark. Perfect!

Oh, yesterday I submitted two patterns to Amy, the Knitty publisher, who will be editing a forward-thinking knitting book next year sometime. Wish me good luck. I know that many talented knit designers sent proposals, and there can only be 30 in the book. I worry I’m not hip or young enough, aren’t we silly sometimes in our insecurities? I’m crossing my fingers but not holding my breath…