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Archive for July 12th, 2003


Saturday, July 12th, 2003

knit in at Yarn For EweWowie, what a day I had today! It was fun but I had no down time at all, from 9am to past midnight. Well, I had 15 minutes to sit still, and I fell asleep! I can see why that happened, too.

Around 9am, Tony came by and we went to Spinners Flock. Great fun, as usual! We sat with different folks this time but mostly visited with a lot of people. There were some free patterns on the table from about 1969 and I picked up one with a knit dress (a straight shift) and one with some ribbed wrist warmers. I also bought for $1.00 a Coats and Clark learn to knit booklet from 1968. This is the book that I had when I was learning in 1969, in Mr. Johnson’s class. It has a ribbed wrap skirt and a pillow, and a few hats among other things. Pretty special.

After the guild was over we decided to head into Ann Arbor for lunch. We decided we had a little time to check out Knit a Round and then find good food. Tony didn’t buy anything, and I just got some Ironstone fine rayon boucle to knit along with my Cotton Fleece I bought at Yarn for Ewe last year, so that I can knit Matt’s tank top.

Rayon boucle, who ever thought of that? It’s quite wonderful, in fuschia, purple, yellow, navy and aqua. It will look fabulous knit along with the “Cherry Moon” cotton/wool blend in a fairly loose gauge for summer wear. Should be fun!

After the yarn purchase (and lots of yarn-fondling experiences) we headed to a complex on the same road, which my friend Lili had recommended for ethnic foods. She said there were a few ethnic eateries there and a grocery. What a great recommendation! The place we ate, Exotic Cuisine & Bakeries, was a Syrian mideast eatery (1721 Plymouth Rd.). It was just fabulous, and different than the Lebanese mideast food that we usually get in Lansing.

I had a plate with Eggplant stew, okra stew, blackeyed pea salad and spinach with walnuts (they had other names but I don’t remember them). Tony also tried the tabbouli and a potato dish, plus rice pudding. Not only did we get this food, but there were four different types of tea to choose from, already brewed and ready for us in hot pots. There were free refills on the tea so between us we tried all four kinds, including anise tea (as I get at Aladdins) and black teas spiced with different spices including cardamom and cloves. Yum!

We sat outside. It was perfect weather for sitting outdoors in a shady spot. We watched people come and go from the dog grooming place next door, and people with their kids, and it was as pleasant a mealtime as I’ve had in a very long time. Great food, great company, great weather and interesting but not distracting things to view.

After our meal, we walked around the small complex and found the grocery Lili had told me about. It is called Jerusalem Market, which is a Halal market with all sorts of world groceries and halal meat products (1713 Plymouth Rd.). I got some cola from Yugoslavia, and raspberry preserves from Turkey, fresh figs and some sesame candy from Lebanon.

The gentleman running the place when we were there, said that they can hardly keep the figs in stock when they come in. He has fresh produce in season from the mideast and it goes very quickly. They had some really beautiful red bell peppers that were smallish, as though someone had grown them locally. I wanted to get those but was afraid they might perish in the heat of the car, as peppers seem so fragile. The market was jam packed even though small, with tall shelf units. I loved it.

We got home about 6pm, just as Brian had to leave for his performance at Altu’s. I told him I’d meet him there. I sat down on the couch and fell asleep for about 15 minutes and then went to join him. Mom and Fred were already there. They tried the mild beef and liked it. And finally Altu and Mom got to meet! It was great.

The place did get really crowded as the night went on, which was great. The State Journal’s Whats On section had put a picture of the band in the center spread section and I speculate that this didn’t hurt the scene at all.

OK, so we left Altu’s after 9pm. You’d think I was done… but I was not. I then proceeded to Yarn for Ewe‘s monthly second-Saturday knit in. Several folks had already come and gone but several of us stayed until around midnight. (The picture above is Delores, Cheanne, me, and Wendy. Picture by Marcia… thanks!)