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Archive for July 14th, 2003

On a Roll

Monday, July 14th, 2003

LynnH's Fast Florida Footies knit by Paula M.Paula’s Footies
Paula M. writes:

Wanted to say Thanks for designing and sharing the Footies pattern – they’re great fun to make with your clear instructions – love the no-purl heel.

…I had the very same Fixation on hand that I believe you used – worked on 48 stitches for my peasant feet – sole worked over 20 purl stitches – extra comfortable without those purl bumps poking into the feet – my previous Fixation socks have been less than comfortable without reverse stockinette on the soles.

Thanks for writing, Paula. And thanks for sharing your handiwork. They look great.

Sunday Recap
Well, Sunday was fun. I did a demo at Woven Art on circular knitting. I had sort of expected at least one person to not know how to do this, but the crowd was quite knowledgeable for the most part.

I did show them the new “Magic Loop” technique by Bev Galeskas/Fibertrends that Tony had showed me, and that was new for some folks. I also talked about the two socks on two circular needles method Cat Bordi uses in her book, but didn’t demo it.

At least one person had not heard about the trick of knitting back and forth for a few rows before joining the circle. That can really help if you tend to get your knitting in a Moebius strip instead of a tube. I do this with my kids at Foster.

CityKidz Keep Knitting
Speaking of Foster, two sisters today really wanted to make hats. I showed them the simple jester-like hat from the Kids Knitting book by Melanie Falick. No, they wanted beanies. I got them going on double points, increasing from the top down to make a hat. The younger girl decided it was not fun after about an hour and a half, which I told her was just fine. The older girl is really excited and she took her double points home with her today. We will see how it goes. I won’t be there tomorrow so I won’t see her for a week, perhaps (unless she brings the knitting to Thursday computer lab).

I did have three knitters who asked to knit in computer lab today, which pleased me. One is making a pair of socks on double points. She will be making an afterthought heel and short rolled cuffs. She is using bright yellow (almost schoolbus or maybe eggyolk) Encore worsted yarn and it is going well. She tried sox last year with some purple Encore DK but it may have been too soon for her or maybe the yarn was too thin, who knows. This time she is taking to it well. She’s a good knitter but she is in an honors program in middle school so at the end of the year I didn’t see her for months. I told her today how glad I was to have her back.

Riding the River Trail
Oh, and today I rode my “new” circa-late 1960’s Schwinn Suburban five-speed ladies’ bike to work, on the River Trail (my bike is the same color as the linked picture, but it has two fenders and the back fender is topped with a rack for packages, very handy). I rode one route on the way there and another on the way back (the trail goes near the Red Cedar River and the Grand River, and Foster Center is between them, so I took the east branch to work and took the south branch home again).

I enjoyed the ride very much, except for about 15 seconds after I actually already got off the trail. I wanted to go to La Perla, my favorite Mexican Store, for some Tortillas. Well, in order to do that I have to go under a pretty old railroad bridge, where the “pedestrian” walkway is very narrow. I am still getting used to my bike and I wobble back and forth a bit. Therefore, I got spooked by how narrow it was, and I sort of leaned over while I was in motion, scraping my arm near the elbow on the cement wall. Ick. It was like sandpaper, and I got a good scrape. It could have been much worse. When I tried to get back up and ride again, I scraped myself a second time.

On the way back, I walked my bike through that narrow passage. Maybe someday I’ll have more control, but until then I want to keep my skin intact as much as possible.

Tuesday Crazies Un-Planned
Tomorrow I had planned an impossible number of things to do and I finally had to give up a few so I could be sane. I was going to sell some yarns with the Ann Arbor FiberArt Guild, at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. They have a shared booth, which is juried. I did this last year. Well, inventory check in is 11-1 tomorrow and I’m supposed to perform for a luncheon as Lynn Heftone of the Fabulous Heftones, at 12:30. It is an hour’s drive, and I may not have been the first in line to check in my work.

The stress of trying to drive back and forth and be on schedule was too much. I don’t have that many yarns to sell at this time, so I am going to skip the selling part. I still am committed to work the booth as all participants do, but I love being there and that is not a big bother. I’m relieved, though, to not be flying down to Ann Arbor and back just before a gig. And I will get more sleep as well.

I don’t like having to make choices. I want do do everything I want to do! But in this case I gave in to the reality of so many hours in the day. I’m glad I had the chance to make that choice.