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Archive for July 15th, 2003

Getting Some Knitting Done

Tuesday, July 15th, 2003

I’m doing some knitting. Somehow it always feels like I’m not getting any knitting accomplished, but I think that is because I switch from piece to piece depending on how much focus I can allow for the knitting at the time.

Once a week at the Allergist, I have to sit for 20 minutes while they are sure my shot went fine. I can do some real thinking knitting there, but it isn’t long enough to do much. Today I worked on the toes of some sox for a friend who has been waiting what seems forever for her sox. I just can’t get them to look right to my eyes. The toe I normally use, when I knit it in two colors, seems too short and out of proportion to the heel and rib which I also did in those two colors. I have redone this toe three times and I just have to reknit it again, at least one more time. It’s so frustrating to be so close and not have it right, but I really want these well-balanced visually. They should be done soon, if I can find another few minutes to fuss with it.

I have a stole I need to repair (I used chenille for three rows and it is worming so I’m going to cut the chenille out and graft the two pieces that are left, back together again). You can imagine that grafting about 90 stitches is not something that I’m really excited about, and that will take a bit of time dedicated to it. So it sits, waiting for me.

Meanwhile I started Matt’s tank top from Knitty. I’m using the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece I got at Yarn for Ewe, with a knitalong strand, and the fabric is just gorgeous. It’s funny, I don’t wear tanks much because I get cold so easily. I’m clearly making this because a) I know Matt and am excited about his very lovely design, and b) it looks like it won’t take a real long time.

I think this will be the most expensive tank top I ever owned, and I am afraid I won’t wear it much… but I’m knitting it anyway. And I am enjoying every stitch! It’s my brainless knitting for now. I sort of wish the brainless part was at the end, but it rarely is unless you are talking raglan sweaters which I do not wear. For now, I’m enjoying the knitting round and round in circles. I’ve done about 20 rounds so far, it is about four inches long already.

Off to the Art Fair
You may not hear as much from me this week. I will be at the Ann Arbor Art Fair on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. It’s my favorite event of the year, I just love being there. I love the energy, the town, the artists, the kids, the crowd. I usually don’t like crowds at all, but this particular crowd is full of my soulmates when it comes to artful living, and I need to be there drinking up the vibes for another year.

I’m very excited about this. I don’t do well outdoors for many hours, but I will wear the best clothes I can for whatever weather we have, I will bring a bottle of cold water and some good food I can eat without worrying about ingredients, and I will expect that my allergies, which keep getting more and more manageable, will behave themselves for part of a week. Last year I got a headache one day but then things turned around. This year I’m doing better than ever, so I expect it to go much more smoothly.

I can’t wait to get to that wonderful crowd again. Wednesday!