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Archive for July 17th, 2003

More Ann Arbor

Thursday, July 17th, 2003

Pied Piper Sox by LynnHPied Piper Sox by LynnHThere isn’t much to say today. I worked at Foster in the morning and afternoon, and then headed down to Ann Arbor to work the Ann Arbor Fiberart Guild booth again. It was fun. I lucked out, it rained a bit but that was before I got there. We had only a few tiny sprinkles when I first arrived. And since it was late in the day, I found a parking spot much closer than usual. It was a meter spot but they stop patrolling at 6pm. It was a good day that way.

On the way home, I went to Zingerman’s deli for a cup of good tea. I have to ask for the Japanese teas, because they do have them in stock but for some reason don’t have them listed on the menu board. No trouble, I got what I wanted (Genmaicha, which is green tea and toasted rice).

I’m tired. Being outdoors is not something I do much and it wipes me out a bit, but I’m doing pretty well with it this year. I think riding my bike the last few weeks has helped somewhat.

Tomorrow I don’t work at Foster and I don’t work the Art Fair. My friend Vince and his family are coming to stay the night on Saturday after I get out of the Art Fair. Therefore, tomorrow I tidy the house (I call it shoveling, but it’s not as bad as that sounds) for their arrival. I also have a zillion errands and promises to handle now that I’m actually home for a workday. I’m sure the day will end before my to-do list does. That is the nature of my life, anyway.

(Photos are two pair of sox I did in spring 2002. I call them Pied Piper Sox because mine followed the inspiration of Brian’s… a stretch, I know. The yarn was Dale Freestyle washable wool, worsted weight. They have stood up well to wear. Mine are stockinette, Brian’s are ribbed, and his have an extra black stripe at the very top.)

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Ann Arbor? Art fair or not, it’s a great city. What a fine energy it has! I’ll have happy dreams, very soon.

Ann Arbor, a Blur

Thursday, July 17th, 2003

I had a great day in Ann Arbor today, but it’s all a blur. The weather was great and the company was wonderful. I found some really nice Indian food for my dinner break, which was a big plus. And then…

I got to see my brother, Eric. We met first at Borders (where we have knit ins) but they closed at 11 and we were just getting warmed up. We piled into his car and drove to find where our Grandma Illa lived when she was in Ann Arbor in the 1920’s. We found the address but now there is a 1960’s apartment building there. Across the street, though, are houses probably from her time. Eric may do a little research (in his “spare time,” of course) to see if there are any archived pictures of that house or the block, somewhere in Ann Arbor. It’s only 4 blocks or so from campus, on Walnut. It was fun to have the adventure, anyway. And I’m glad we had each other when it was disappointing.

He took me back to the Borders parking lot where my car was, and we talked in the car until 1:30am. So this post is really for Wednesday the 16th, but I’m posting it in the wee hours of the 17th. It was worth it. I’m not up too much later than on a typical night (I often go to bed past 3am and almost never before 1am) and I got to spend a really good several hours with my brother.

Off to sleep. Tomorrow I have a Foster Kids’ camp computer lab, then a computer class for one student, then I go back to Ann Arbor to close up for a second night. See you when I can get a minute to log back on!