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Archive for July 20th, 2003

I Hugged Vince!!! Finally!

Sunday, July 20th, 2003

Max, Vince, Lynn, Carol and Asa, taken by BrianMy friend Vince and his family stayed the night, last night. I can not even explain how wonderful it was to have them all here, and to spend hours talking with my dear friend. He had many pictures of China which he shared with us. It was fascinating.

I could have talked all day, but the kids were definitely ready to get going to the cottage where they will be spending a week. I had to let my friend go, boo hoo. It was so great to have even a few hours with him. At least I got to give him a nice big hug (OK, I hugged the rest of the family as well, but I probably hugged Vince longer). He has never lived near us so it’s wonderful that we’ve been able to get together at least 5 times now, in 4 different states. What a world we live in, to be able to do that!

(Picture is, left to right, Max, Vince, Lynn, Carol, Asa… I know Vince doesn’t like having his picture taken, so am very pleased to have this picture.)

Bathroom as seen from Kitchen Table, by Vince BudnickI got a new digital camera this week and Vince was experimenting with it. He took a few really great photos. They make my house look much cooler than in real life, or at least they let me see my space with new eyes. So here are two photos of the inside of our house, taken by Vince Budnick.

After Vince’s family left, Brian and I spent a lazy and relaxed afternoon together. I took a nap, even. I took a little ride on my bicycle because it looks like we are going to have rain for about 4 days straight. (I can hear thunder as I type this. Yes, I know I should shut off the computer but it *is* plugged into a UPS which is some protection.)

I knit a bit again tonight on those swap sox for my friend. Table and kitchen as seen from Kitchen Table, by Vince BudnickI can not tell you how many times I’ve ripped out those toes! They just don’t look right or feel right yet. This time, I decided the foot was too narrow so I ripped back to the gusset decreases. That way, I could increase by 4 stitches.

I think I’m on a roll, now. I have one more inch on one sock to go before I do the toes yet again. I’m pretty sure what will look/feel right after all those false starts. We’ll see…

I did get some photos taken at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Perhaps I’ll put those up tomorrow, we’ll see what my muse tells me then.