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Archive for July 21st, 2003

Finished Objects by CityKidz Knit!

Monday, July 21st, 2003

CityKidz Knit! with shadesToday at Foster Center, I had two groups of CityKidz Knit! The first group is with the summer Kids Kamp program (the kids are with us until 3:30pm and get two meals, so knitting is just a small part of the program). In that group, four out of nine today were brand new.

Beginners usually do OK after a while, but with all the activity in the room, it was a very distracting time. If I stand there and say the poem we use to remember how to knit, they do fine. If they don’t have me standing there reciting the poem, they have trouble staying on the project.

The kids who end up coming back a few times do better, though I am powerless over making that happen. I did have one girl today finally “Get it” and she was delighted. She got to take her project home to practice. You should have seen her smile!

However, my second group (pictured with “shades”) is going to town finishing things. Some of these kids I’ve had since fall, some since January, and a few started this summer. All of these kids were registered specifically for the knitting program by a parent or guardian, so there is typically more support at home for knitting as well. Some of these kids do a lot of knitting at home. (I have a third group on Tuesdays, and that group is more like my second group today.)

Today we had several finished projects. My youngest, age seven, knit a ring (he just had to make a ring, so he did). The oldest, age 17, bound off a “baby scarf” (she was going to make a blanket but ran out of patience). One girl didn’t finish but made incredible progress on her first backpack and brought it in to show me (and to get more yarn).

The wristbands today are at far right in middle row, and second to right in front. Ring is second to right in middle row. The tall girl in the back made the baby scarf, and the girl dead center with arms brimming with yarn, is my new backpack knitter. The girl second from left, seated, has knit somewhere between three and five backpacks to date, and is helping others get started. The girl seated on the floor wearing turquoise (second from left), finished two small squares today and is ready to sew her next wristband (she bound off but we didn’t have time to sew it before the picture). The girl seated on the floor, front right, has knit several small purses. She loves eyelash yarn as an accent on her work. Two sisters who have been regular attendees did not make it today, and I’m sorry you could not see their work. They like purses with eyelash, as well.

I’m pretty proud of “my” Kidz! They are doing really well this summer.