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Archive for July 26th, 2003

Short and Sweet

Saturday, July 26th, 2003

I have a rough headache so will not post pictures today. Hope that works for you folks.

This morning Tony and I had another of our road trips, to the store In Sheeps Clothing, in Marshall, MI. Sue, who works there on Saturdays, is becoming a friend (she is in at least one of my guilds and we have spent a bit of time together, such as lunch at the Lucy Neatby workshop last spring). It’s always great to see her.

I didn’t buy much, just some turquoise acrylic/wool yarn at 50% off ($4.95 a ball, two balls, meant it cost less than $5, not bad) and a magazine, and one small ball of wild pink eyelash. It’s Tony’s company and the visit with Sue that makes it a good trip… not the yarn. The yarn is whipped cream on the already-great dessert!

I got back in time to go to JoAnn Fabrics to do a demo in order to create demand for my classes. The only real interest was in my stole class, because I had both a black/purple/aqua version and a blues and greens version on display. These are fabulous items to see and touch, and it’s no surprise they caught attention. I had one person register for sock class but I think three or four for the stole class, and that is being offered in late September and early October.

I got a major headache after 4 hours in that store, for whatever reason (could be my lack of sleep, could be the humid/mildewy weather caught up with me, could be the store where there are perfumed things that don’t agree with me). Went home and rested for a few minutes and got ready to be Lynn Heftone at Altus.

For the concert, my mom came and brought friends, she had a table of five. Brian’s parents came in from Grand Rapids (an hour’s drive). They all beamed with pride. Brian’s dad took pictures and video, and grinned the whole time. We had him sit in with us on one piece. We also made sure to announce that he was the creator/inventor of my instrument. He got a nice round of applause.

Sarah Stollak, the knitter/musician/writer who put our interview in the State Journal, came to see us as well, with a friend. They seemed to have a good time.

Another knitter, Charlotte, was there with her husband Bob, her daughter and daughter’s beau (or husband, can’t remember). We had a chance to talk after the music, and Charlotte and I finally figured out that we probably first met in about 1992 when I was teaching polymer clay classes. Small world.

We ended with great food from Altu and went home to rest the headache. Except we forgot that it was Abbott Brothers rehearsal/jam tonight. So I rested again for about 15 minutes and we went over to play tunes for a while. THEN we came home. I’m wiped out.

Pictures of the stoles and Altu’s tomorrow. I need to sleep this headache off.