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Archive for July 28th, 2003

Pictures R Me

Monday, July 28th, 2003

Fabulous Heftones at Altu'sFinally, the headache has lifted and we have pictures. Too many pictures, maybe… but they turned out so well I’m posting them all. I am hoping I saved them small enough for those (like me) who still have a slow modem connection to the internet.

The first picture is Brian and I as the Fabulous Heftones, at Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine (East Lansing, Michigan, USA). This was Saturday, July 26.

Notice that I am wearing the blue and green JoAnn Stole. I have since given the stole to its rightful owner, my mother. She loves it, as I knew she would. It matches at least half of her dressy outfits, and will go with the rest as an accent color, I’m sure. She’s very fond of blues and greens together.

Brian's ParentsThe next shot is Brian’s parents, Larry and Marilyn Hefferan. Larry invented and hand-built my instrument, the Heftone (that is where our band got its name).

This was their first experience with Ethiopian food. It was also the first time they had seen us perform on stage. We play music in their living room when we visit, of course, but this was a pretty special trip for them. We sometimes forget to tell them when we are playing out, but especially since this time Larry’s name was in the paper associated with the performance, we had to be sure they knew we were going to be playing. They had to drive about an hour to the restaurant.

Lynn's Mom and friendsNext is my mother’s table at Altu’s. Left to right: Fred, Barb, Barb’s friend (whose name is either Mary or Ann, I can’t remember for sure), and my Mom, Liz Troldahl. (Isn’t she pretty?)

Missing from the picture is Mom’s friend, Fai, who took the photo. She is an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I’m grateful for all the excellent photos that Fai has taken and sent to me, in the last several years. She does a great job.

Brian and his parentsNext is a picture of Brian with his parents. OK, you already saw his folks, but this picture of Brian is so nice I just had to show you!

(Oh, by the way: the basketweave pattern painted as a stripe on the wall, I did for Altu. I painted it mostly freehand, to make it look more authentic. We are pleased with how it turned out.)

Both FamiliesThis photo is all the family members that night: Brian, Larry, Marilyn, Mom and me. I know it is hard to get everyone in a group picture to love their own image, but I do love this picture even though it looks as though we were talking to one another (we were). The camera ran out of batteries right after this shot so we couldn’t take any more “insurance” exposures just in case.

Can you tell where I got my love for turquoise? Mom and I are wearing almost the same color!

The last photo is Brian and I as The Fabulous Heftones, at the Elderly Instruments employee picnic on Sunday, July 27.

The picnic was held at a city-owned park, Grant Woods park. The parks are run by the same city department which also runs the Foster Community Center. This one has a nice space for performing. Not all local parks allow amplified music, but this one is just perfect for an event like this. Can you see why I think Lansing is a wonderful place to live in the summertime? It is a wonderfully green place.

I wish you all could have joined us!