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Archive for August 2nd, 2003

Yarn for Ewe Stole in the Making

Saturday, August 2nd, 2003

(The crochet class was fun, we laughed a lot and I have a picture I’ll post tomorrow. The knitting machine demo went pretty well, too. Details tomorrow. And then Brian and I had a great night listening to music in East Lansing, more pictures there as well. Details at Eleven… Um, I mean… I’ll post that all tomorrow. But here’s a post I wrote a few days ago that I haven’t had space for yet. It refers to my day two Thursdays ago, and will be old news soon if I don’t give it space. PicKnit tomorrow, I’m hyped… picture below is what I think I’ll be knitting there.)

Finds from Yarn for Ewe, to be a stoleWell, last Thursday night I stopped by Yarn for Ewe. I’ve been so busy writing about other things that I haven’t taken the picture I needed to show off my finds! This is another case of “better late than never,” I guess.

At Yarn for Ewe, they are starting to get in the new fall yarns, and I fell in love with the multicolored eyelash yarn on the right. It’s Crystal Palace Splash, (100% polyester, color 7178, 85 yd, 100gr). I wanted to make a stole with this as the accent yarn. Except that it really has colors in it that would require assembling all the yarns for the project at the same time. I knew I didn’t have many yarns at home that might go with it.

Fortunately, I have been hanging on to a completed Yarn for Ewe “yarn card.” You must know what this is… every time you buy yarn, they mark off the card, and when you have spent a LOT (I refuse to count up what that card represents, I’d surely be depressed) you get $25 off the next purchase. Well, I wanted that Splash. And I had a yarn card to help me get it plus the yarns I needed to make a stole.

Wendy and I had a fabulous time shopping the store for just the right combination of yarns to make the stole say what I wanted it to say. There were several yarns that looked fine but weren’t my style as much. We finally found something I loved, and it sure was good entertainment getting to that final result. Wendy is such fun! I’m glad she was there that night. I sure don’t see her often. (Faina was there teaching a class so we didn’t say much more than hello, but it was good to see her, too.)

So here is what I am going to use with my Splash, from top to bottom:

  • Crystal Palace Fizz (matte eyelash), 100% polyester, color 7303 (a hotter purple than this picture shows), 120yd

  • Noro Lily (crocheted chain), 30% silk, 70% cotton, color 30 (bluer than most hot green yarns out right now), 108m
  • Debbie Bliss Merino DK (smooth 4-ply yarn), 100% wool, color 225202, a wonderful clear blue-teal, 110m
  • Knit One Crochet Too Toison et Soie (lumpy boucle-type), 90% Merino Wool, 10% Silk, color 546 (Mom wore this color a lot in the mid-1970’s, it’s more sea green than the picture shows on my monitor), 110yd

OK, so my first step will be to wind the Noro and the K1C2 yarns into center-pull balls. Then I get to have some fun knitting for ME ME ME!!!!

Actually, I’m setting aside a half an hour every night for fun knitting without deadlines. I had been so crazy-busy trying to knit things for this deadline or that eager friend, that I wasn’t making anything just for the pure joy of it. I need to keep that joy, or my ideas will become less interesting when I’m designing, I believe.

In any case, I need the joy inside that comes with pure creation. Therefore, this stole for myself will be my pre-bedtime knitting for a while. Or that is the plan, anyway.