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Archive for September 3rd, 2003

Finished Object Pictures

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003

LynnH wearing Yarn for Ewe Stole of her designWell, I finished my Yarn for Ewe stole when I was at the Allegan Fiber Festival, but I never seemed to get pictures. Thanks to Brian we now have pictures. Here’s me wearing it.

Isn’t it the most decadent thing? How nice of it to be practical as well! I insist on wearing it as everyday wear, to fend off air conditioning at work. Why not? It’s art and I’m an artist. Life is too short to save things for special. Folks go out of their way to tell me they like it. It makes everyone smile, not just me!

Here’s a detail photo, but it’s sort of hard to see the stitches in all that fuzz. I think I had six yarns in there and three were different types of eyelash yarns. That makes for fluffy-R-us!

You can see that on some of the rows, I did an elongated garter stitch. You can do this by wrapping the yarn around the needle twice as you make your stitch, and then just knitting into it once on the way back. That’s how I did it the first time I made a stole. However, lately I add length to stitches by doing a K1 YO repeat for all but the two edge stitches on either end, and then dropping the Yarn Over stitches on the way back. It is much more speedy and efficient, but I have to count my stitches more carefully. It is so easy to knit into a yarn over and make a nice big messy hole in the middle of a lovely stole! Counting helps me know right away that I have done something not quite right.

I am still feeling punk. Finally went to the nurse practitioner and she says I have a sinus infection. I’m praying I’ll feel much better with the meds, by the time we leave for Wheatland Music Festival at noon on Friday.

I am sure this bug “snuck up” on me a week and a half ago after we got back from the wedding. I have been tired ever since, and shaky. I think I just have been outside far too much this summer and my body finally said “slow down.” I just can’t breathe all that pollen and dust that long, without a few consequences. And of course I have not had enough sleep, which could help me fight this off.

I’ve been trying to be tough while I felt shaky off and on, to try not to be a wimp. Detail of Yarn for Ewe StoleRiding my bike to work two days in a row last week, even when it was soooo much harder than usual, was in retrospect a bad idea. And it is no wonder Renaissance Festival was exhausting to me. At least last night I did the right thing and stayed home from Borders in Ann Arbor. Maybe it was a blessing that Tony couldn’t go and I knew Jillian wouldn’t be there. It helped me decide to stay put for the night.

Now I have an excuse to sit still for a while. No, not just an excuse. A mandate. I need to heal.

I don’t sit still well (you knew that) but I can knit. I need to finish that collar on the sweater I started last year in September, so I can wear it at Wheatland Music Festival this weekend. It is all done including binding off the collar but I need to cut some of the fabric away (a sort of after-the-fact steek inside the garment) and the last time I tried to stitch to reinforce before cutting, the crochet chain I used to reinforce with was too small for my head to get through!!! That’s all I need to finish and I can wear it. Do you think I can handle that in the next two days? I’m sort of in a finishing streak, I think I’ll be done working in ends for 3 pair of sox this week. Love it.

I have to work 3 hours tomorrow late afternoon at Foster Center. I need to vegetate until then. I’ll plan to check in here before we leave for the weekend.

Happy Day!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003

Jillian had her baby, Henry, today!!! How exciting this must be for her and the family. Details on Amy’s weblog.

Garden Art Assemblages

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003

I just found this page when Surfing knitters’ pages: http://www.garywill.com/cottons/pwgardenjunk.htm

It is a page showing garden “chandeliers” (they don’t have light bulbs in them but they have dangles, some from actual light fixtures that no longer work), other garden sculptures, a birdhouse, a fountain, a couple of mirrors.

Very fun.