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Archive for September 12th, 2003

Taking it Easy

Friday, September 12th, 2003

Well, I’m still sick. I can’t tell you how hard it is for me to sit still even though I hurt all over. Finally last night I got out my “Chronicles of Narnia” books (by CS Lewis) and read one cover to cover. They are about 150 pages each and delightful. They are dated, as the one I read last night was copyright 1953, but the writing is excellent. I used to read the whole 7-book series through, every holiday vacation. I haven’t read them since I moved into this house, just before we were married, about 7 years ago. Last night it seemed the only way I could get myself to sit still when I really needed to keep my feet up and heal.

Today, I’ve been knitting Annie Modesitt’s toe-up sock that she will be using for the retreat class. She sent me a copy so I could do a knit-along even though I couldn’t come. Well, so far I really do like this Seaside yarn knit up into socks.

But: It is a lace sock and I just can’t get into lace. I don’t like fabric with holes in it (one reason I avoided crochet for so long) and I don’t like the frilly, girly sort of style it portrays.

I can knit lace, but since I’ve only done it once before for a baby dress, I made some mistakes. (I increased but didn’t do a corresponding decrease on two different rows, and by the time I realized it I needed to rip out 11 rows to fix it.) I hadn’t ever followed a lace chart before, so I was glad to have that new lesson under my belt.

I find Annie’s garter-stitch toe (it’s a toe-up sock) very intriguing. It’s easier than any other toe-up start I’ve used, and it mixes the colors of the yarns well. I somehow got mine on the wrong angle (it’s a square and one point is supposed to point up the middle of the instep, with stitches on a diagonal… and I got mine so that the garter ridges were vertical and it looks rectangular on the foot) but it would really fit well even the way I did mine.

On top of that, my eternally-changing gauge started me out wrong… Even with a swatch done a different day, I’m making a sock that is way too big. Add too big, to lace which I won’t want to wear, and a wrong-angled toe, and it equals a mess (can you tell I’m trying to knit with a new bunch of techniques when running a fever?).

Therefore, I think I’ll take a few pics of the yarn knit up, and rip the thing out. And start some other toe-up experience with the same yarn, hopefully in a better size for me. I do want to know how far I can knit the cuffs with only one skein of this sportweight yarn.

I really can’t sit up at the desk too long at one time, so the pics will wait until another time. Off to the frog pond!