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Archive for September 13th, 2003

Seaside Colorway, Knitted

Saturday, September 13th, 2003

Well, here’s what some of you asked for. This is my own personal skein of the Seaside colorway knit up. The pictures are a little over-blue on my screen. I can see more white and turquoise on my sock.

Remember, I ripped out the whole sock you see samples of right now. The next sock I’m knitting up has more color blocks or small “pools” than this shows. This skein has very little of the purple and very limited white. Some of the skeins had more turquoise or more purple, some have lots of white. Such is the nature of handpainting. I do them all at the same time and that only means I used the same dye in approximately the same measurements per batch… but in a batch I just can’t control which skein absorbs what.

I really like it when yarn is totally random. Some people prefer defined repeats. My yarn has underlying basic repeats of purple and turquoise, with medium blue and light blue added later in different repeats. This means it looks more random but still has some general repeating. I’m pretty happy with this yarn.

Anyway, one sample here is stockinette and one is the lace pattern from Annie’s toe-up sock class. Her lace design is really lovely, isn’t it? I just realized that if it was lace I would not wear it. I am definitely not a lace grrl. I’ve knit this wonderful sportweight yarn so many times (other colorways) but never for my own feet. I just had to make these for me.

Since they were too big anyway (drat that changeable gauge of mine) I started over. I’m using features from my Turkish socks, learning how to do it from Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ book, Ethnic Socks and Stockings. I’m actually reading through this book thoroughly this week since I’m sort of stuck on my back for days at a time.

I think I’m feeling better today, but still have a tiny fever. I slept a full 10 hours, what a luxury that was!!! Brian’s at work now so I’m alone. It’s a very good day to knit, read and nap, I guess. And listen to my Annette Hanshaw music collection. Too bad I don’t do this when I feel well, it’s a good combination for a great day, really.

Back to the couch…